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04/18 – 04/25 (#FF065)

#FF065: ‘Perpetual Projections’

it’s monday, the twenty-fifth already. as the month is finally goin’ to end, we’re back again with a panoply of profound musicians that deserved a shoutout here & there. as we had somehow more club-esque music on our roster over the last days, we decided to make a transition to concentrate ourselves with the so-called ‘dark side of the music world’.
not only that we’d like to present a pallet of types of art, but also the versatility & creativity in the music, we made a list for this week with musicians from europe to the states & backwards.
as we’d like to make this intro terse, why don’t we start to talk about over these artists here? the sooner, the better. article number sixty-five, it’s about time:

1.X Ambassadors – Unsteady (Scatz Remix)

first come, first serve goes to this beautiful remix of our beloved friend, connecticut-based producer & ‘WUMP’-collective member ‘Scatz’.
the guys of ‘WUMP’ recently got in touch with us, to check out Mitch’s take on ‘Unsteady’, a tune that has been originally released by ithaca-based group ‘X Ambassadors’.
so, as we checked out the reinterpretation, we liked the idea behind it. not only that the original vocals has been adapted, but also the profound bass line shows you the potential that is behind this alias & its creator.
we have to admit, we pressed play twice or was it already three times? whether or not, it doesn’t really matter right now. what matters is that we’d like to a make shout out to Mitch & his profound take on this original, that has to be on this list of the week.
shout out to ‘WUMP’ & their high amount of passion & dedication that they give for every single release on their site, it is magnificent.

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2.Fifi Rong – Forbidden Desire

we’d like to say ‘hi’ to a new member of the ‘Flamboyant Five’-series: london-based artist ‘Fifi Rong’.
we stumbled over her around a time ago. yet, we somehow never managed to get her on a list, which is somehow a shame. but why? to describe the idea, the meaning of this project & its creator, all you have to do is to press play & let the shimmering chord progressions take you to another place, the ‘Rong’-universe.
what we’re tryin’ to say that if you want to categorize or as we love to say, ‘genre-fy’ her, be aware that it will end up in an utmost mess. not only that the girl with chinese heritage likes to experiment with elements from any genre you can imagine, but also due the fact that she fuses them, to create something that the world probably has never heard before. as we were tryin’ to find the perfect example of what we were describin’, we finally stumbled over her latest creation: ‘Forbidden Desire’.
being part of her new extended play, the tune totally depicts Fifi in any kind of perspective: the eery-yet-catchy vocals, the mesmerizing instrumental & the list could go on.
we’d like to make a plea: go check this out. if you’re a fan of music with a profound meaning behind it, then it is finally about time that you put ‘Fifi Rong’ on your list.

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3.Sloww – Drownin In Narcotics (Waterboardin/Overdosing)

you might recognize ‘Sloww’? he has been recently part of this series, with another trenchant release around some weeks ago. if not, let’s make a terse intro: comin’ from toronto, we stumbled over this young musician quite around the ending of two-fifteen.
what we have found was an evolvin’ artist, that surely has not to hide himself from public. whether if we’re talkin’ about a talent or a passionate human being, this man has to be on your watch list.
so, as the day has begun, he did hit us to inform us about his latest release: the featured ‘Drowin In Narcotics (Waterboarding/Overdosing)’.
as we’d like to say that we love to see the progress of each of our featured musicians, it has been a ‘must do’ to check this out.
and yes, we did not regret anything. but why? what you’re goin’ to hear is a solid instrumental, with a tenaciously-good bassline, crisp acapella chops that let you order some popsicle afterwards. another level has been reached, and yet it won’t be the last step.
be sure to check out ‘Brain Food’ or ‘Sleep Forever’ too. even though, these are some releases from the past, it still shows you the potential that is behind this artist.

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4. Sol Flare – Broken Faith

first of all, it’s a pleasure to have london-based ‘Sol Flare’ as part of this series again. while statin’ around some weeks ago that it wouldn’t be the last time where our ways would cross again, it fortunately happened again on this weekend.
while utmost of us has been preparin’ for an upcoming exam, the other part had the pleasure to stumble over Dom & Jenny’s latest creation, named ‘Broken Faith’.
when we were checkin’ it out, we were baffled. not only that the atmospheric sounds are goin’ to rivet you, furthermore it has been an aural symbiosis between the dank-yet-catchy melody & Jenny’s solipsistic way of singin’, so that we felt obliged to put these lads on the list.
if you never heard about them, please, it is finally about time. click on the soundcloud-link to check out the rest of their aural catalog, there are sure some gems waitin’ for you to be heard.

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5. H1987 – Oraison Florale

last song of today is by french producer ‘H1987’. we stumbled over his account around an hour ago. what we have found has been a delightful panoply full of releases that has been updated over soundcloud during the past weeks & months.
we have to be blunt: after checkin’ out his discography, it has been hard to pick a specific tune for this list. so, we did what we had to do, made a decision & picked ‘Oraison Florale’, a tune that has been released around three weeks ago.
the reason why we have chosen this one among the others is that it impeccably represents the things that this french créateur tries to convey: mellifluous synth-compositions fused with eery-yet-catchy vocal chops that let your eardrums melt away.
yet, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out the other releases, all we’d like to tell you that give this man some time of your leisure & let the composed melodies do the rest. we’re pretty sure, that you’ll dig the sound & perceive the ideal concept behind this electronic project.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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