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03/28 – 04/04 (#FF062)

#FF062: ‘prismatic perception’

it’s monday, the fourth. april has finally unveiled itself & we’re droolin’ for the summer (or better said, utmost of us).
another week has passed, big things are comin’ up, whether if we talk about elections in specific countries, redundant news about a celebrity, the fifth ‘how to’-article on a very well-known site, a new released manual of how to prepare ‘the perfect steak’ & the list could go on.
back to the topic: it’s about time to talk about our discoveries for the past week. our list includes new pieces of beloved friends, but also first-timers.
so, shall we skip this here & go on with the presentation of the gems? we guess, it is about time. article, number sixty-two, let’s do this:

1.Orka – Phantom (Open Ocean Edit)

we’d like to start with a new piece of london-based beatmaker ‘Open Ocean’.
this time, our friend has contacted us about his newest release, an edit of ‘Phantom’. originally created by miami-based artist ‘Orka’, it was quite interestin’ to listen to the differences of the reinterpretation & its primary form.
by pressin’ play, we came back into the world of ‘Open Ocean’, where mellifluous melodies & eery-yet-catchy acapella chops are goin’ to engulf you.
as he tends to create these pieces with such a dedication & passion, we’d like to invite you to check out his discography (if you haven’t already). while doin’ that it might be like openin’ a crate full of jewels, due the high amount of gems that are on that site.
but, before doin’ that, we don’t you get yourself a copy of this tenaciously-good edit for free? as he likes to share some love, the stud gives this thing here out for free.

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2.Slo – Shout Out Of Paradise (Ajgor Remix)

next spot goes to our polish-prodigy, łódź-based beatmaker ‘Ajgor’. igor recently contacted us about to take a look over his latest creation, a refix of ‘Shout Out Of Paradise’, which is a song of london-based artist ‘Slo’.
as we have to say that we unfortunately never heard about that artist before, we felt obliged to check her out, so that a comparison between the original & the remix could be made.
as the polish-beatmaker has told us in an interview, that he likes to put on a stamp on his creations, that one was remarkable to hear after a short period. due the fact that nowadays, it is so hard to create an unique way of sounding, due the fact that everyone tends to copy everyone, it feels refreshin’ that sometimes that perception can be invalid.
people like ‘Ajgor’ let change your mind about that, whether if we talk about his solipsistic way of production, or to be more precise, the salubrious synth-compositions & succulent bass lines.
with this, we’d like you to check the tune out & give your opinion about it, feel free to tell its creator about that what you were feeling.

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3.Last Island – Instruments of Artifacts

it has been a long time, since we have talked about a ‘Last Island’-production. that’s quite a shame, due the high amount of output that can be seen & heard on his soundcloud-acc.
whether if we’re talkin’ about originals, remixes (e.g.: the remix he did for no one else, than ‘Mat Zo’), the scottish-producer is goin’ to impress you.
as we’d like to say that we do not have a specific favorite thing between originals & remixes, due our thoughts about that it doesn’t really matter if you do more own stuff than reinterpretations, because as a creative head, there needs to be a specific feature of your style of creativity on each release, we have now taken a look on the latest originals, which he has released around the last days.
while checkin’ the tunes out, we finally made a stop at the featured song: the electronic piece called ‘Instruments of Artifacts’.
first of, it has been a pleasure to listen to a beautiful melodic composition again. whether if we’re talkin’ about the pithy chord progression or its whole arrangement, our beloved friend from the isle deserved to be on the list.
so, before you check out the tune, be sure to get yourself a copy of it, due the fact that it has been released as a freebie. and of course, don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to him on twitter.

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4.Sami Baha – Nasa 2015

next artist is a new feature on the site, istanbul-based beatmaker & creative head ‘Sami Baha’. we were followin’ his evolvement as an artist for already several months, yet we somehow did not manage to feature one of his former releases on the site, which is quite a shame.
but why? well, one reason might be that most of his instrumentals have that kind of high quality that you have to put it on your bookmark list, or send it to your auntie.
another one might be the solipsistic synth compositions, which are merged with a raucously-yet-catchy bass line, to create an instrumental that you’re startin’ to wonder why he isn’t bigger yet?
so, by doin’ our usual routine, we stumbled again over ‘Nasa 2015’, a tune that he has released around a month ago.
what you’re goin’ to hear is the aforementioned synths, the trenchant bass line & of course, that catchy vox acapella, so that we felt obliged to finally put it on the list.
in the meanwhile, where you’re goin’ to check this one here out, why don’t you listen to his newest extended play called ‘Mavericks’ too? we think that you’ll like that piece.

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5.Lunar Vision – Whisp

last spot for today goes to norwegian producer ‘Lunar Vision’ & his latest tune called ‘Whisp’.
we have stumbled over his account, while we were perusin’ the world of soundcloud for some pieces of versatility.
what we have found was a decent discography, with interestin’ tunes that you & you are goin’ to like. magically appeared around a year ago, this young stud has gained the attention of public. yet, with every release to release, the man behind this catchy alias is goin’ to impress you more & more.
as we’d like to say that we love to see the evolvement of upcoming musicians, to listen to their elder pieces so that we can see the progress & how the sound has changed since then, we have to admit, we were impressed.
there are so many songs on his site, that actually deserved to be mentioned either here or there. albeit, we can’t feature all of them, it has been a bit difficult to pick a specific one.
after we have decided to pick the latest, the aforementioned ‘Whisp’, we were sure that this one might be the perfect presentation of the idea behind this project. but why? because this tune is for the soul, to soothe the body & let the thoughts rest for some minutes.
be sure to follow his path of artistry, we’re definitely sure that it won’t be the last time that our ways are goin’ to cross each other’s.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
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