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03/14 – 03/21 (#FF060)

#FF060: ‘joy fantastic’

it’s monday the twenty-first, and we’re happy to write this: spring has officially started. winter time is officially over, and it is energizing to think about the sun & enigmatic greenness that is goin’ to engulf you & you. birds are singin’, your neighbor is complainin’ about the kids from the block again & the coffee is finally fulfillin’ its function.
so, before we end up tellin’ you about fairytale from the future, why don’t we get back to the present & talk about music?
as we’d like to experiment a bit, we just mixed up gifted artists, local prodigies & global magicians, on this list again. to point out what we mean: all the artists are coming from various countries, such as austria, australia, canada &
great britain. and this is indeed something that creates goose bumps.
so, shall we start to talk about these lads here? we think, it’s about time, article number sixty has finally arrived:

1. Hearts Hearts – I Am In

first come, first serve goes to ‘I Am In’, a song created by the viennese electronic group ‘Hearts Hearts’.
we came in touch with their output shortly after we have featured one of their members, in this case the electronic producer ‘EOAE’, on this series. as we have found out that he was part of this magnificent group, we were definitely in the state of awe.
but why? fellow music lovers, it’s because of the way how they sound. by creating mellifluous melodies, such as in the featured track ‘I Am In’, you’ll get in touch with something atmospheric & lush. besides the synth compositions, we’d like to say that the impeccable combination between the instrumentals & the vocalists is something that has to be pointed out. if this might not convince you, well, do yourself a favor & check out the rest of the releases. as a part of their recently released extended play ‘Young’, you definitely will fall in love with the music of these lads.
we’re definitely sure that there will be more of this in the future. be sure to say ‘hi’ to peter, david, daniel & johannes. get a copy of the ep & don’t forget to show it to your mum.

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2. Blocktreat – Uncommon Crow

next feature is something that we were looking for ages, not only because of the trenchant chord progressions, but also that we just did not hear lush atmospheric music for a long long time.
but who did that? well, we’d like to introduce you to vancouver-based electronic-ambient producer ‘Blocktreat’.
we have stumbled over brandon’s account just some moments ago. what we have found was a variety of sounds, mixed up in a perfect & touching arrangement, which you’re goin’ to love immediately.
so, while perusing his soundcloud account, we made a stop on ‘Uncommon Crow’. as a part of his ‘Orchard Reimagined’, which is a dedication to a former release by vancouver-citizen ‘Jess Hill’ , you’ll hear an extended play, with such a tenacious message, that you need to listen to it completely. and so we did what we did, heard the ep, but finally put the aforementioned ‘Uncommon Crew’ on the list.
with this atmospheric downtempo electronic-tune, we felt obliged to feature this man here on the list. do us a favor & get a copy of this touching piece of art, because this man deserved it.

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3.Wallgrin – Kiss Me In A Casket

next artist is vancouver-based ‘Wallgrin’. while we made a stop on her account, it was like being on a trip. but why? if you press play, the first chords & tegan’s voice are goin’ to engulf & rivet you in a side-world, the ‘Wallgrin’-world.
but how does that look like? to describe her music is to describe a fairytale, because you’ll get infected by the endless beauty of her seraphic voice & the mighty beats that are accompanyin’ it. so, it was somehow quite a hard mission to pick one specific tune, so hopefully you’ll agree that the best choice might be the featured ‘Kiss Me In A Casket’.
in our view, the song represents perfectly what ‘Wallgrin’ is about: a tenacious voice mixed up with a sleek indie instrumental.
so, while we’re still dancing to the tune, why don’t you click on the link and check her out? we’re sure that you won’t regret it.
p.s: don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to tegan.

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4.LYZA – Takes Away

Takes Away’ is the next song we’re going to talk about. being created by the london-based singer-songwriter-creative head & producer ‘LYZA’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a tenaciously good electronic tune, that has to be on your list.
tenaciously good, due the combination of the catchy lyrics, the synth-composition & of course, her solipsistic style of singin’, so that we are forced to put this piece of pulchritude on the list of the week.
so while we were checkin’ out the other tunes, it has been a real pleasure.
there are not many artists that we have seen in the last weeks that can provide such a versatility & creativity. something that lifts ‘LYZA’ up in the row of our favorites of all time.
be sure to check her out, tweet her something & don’t forget to eat an apple in the meanwhile.

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5.Joni In The Moon – Tarantella

last song for today & it’s a blast. created by perth-based artist ‘Joni in the Moon’, you’re goin’ to listen to a song, which we have instantly started to love after some seconds. by naming the track ‘Tarantella’, you might think: should i check that out? we’d like to say: ‘yieh, you should’.
so while you’re doing that, we will tell you a little story: magically appeared around three years ago on the world of soundcloud, joni did start her folktronic-itinerary. folktronic, due that she likes to fuse folk with electronic music in a solipsistic way that you will not stop to check out release after release.
so, while we were doin’ that we stopped over the ‘Tarantella’-track, which definitely convinced us in less than twenty seconds to put it on the list. whether we’re talkin’ about her style of music or her voice, we have to admit that we wanted to listen more & more. but before we get back to that, we sure have to finish off this article, right?
we’re happy that our ways have crossed each other’s, hopefully it wont be the last time, joni.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.