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03/07 – 03/14 (#FF059)

#ff059: avid aventador

it’s monday, the fourteenth, and the ‘avid aventadors’ are here to talk about your neighbor’s or uncle’s work.
that doesn’t mean that we do not support other people too. whether you’re twenty-eight or eighty-two, if you create something, why do not send it over to people like us?
as we’d like to say that music has no barriers, and with that, we mean any type of it, it’s a total sin if you would ignore that fundamental fact.
as the new generation tends to to listen to music, that has been completely created on one single electronical device, it still is amazing if you send them an example of how a piece of electronica could sound like on a guitar, or a piano, or even a theremin (if you are not aware of that, just google it, you won’t regret it).
while the last chapter has been a bit dominated by future bass & r&b, we did add on this list some decent indie electronica, that need to be on your walkman or your ipod nano.
so, let’s focus on these talented artists, their music & of course, the side knowledge behind their projects.
article, number fifty-nine, it’s a pleasure to ‘say hi’:

1.Pearl – Don’t

the first artist on this list is no one else, as one of our most loved artists, that we have ever stumbled over: milwaukee-based producer & old friend, ‘Pearl’.
there is nothing to say about the artist anymore, because first, it would be redundant, second, if you just press play & the music will tell you michael’s story.
more likely, we’d like to talk about the featured track here: ‘Don’t’, which has been originally created & produced by sydney-based artist ‘William Singe’.
what michael just did with the original song, can be told pretty easy: a decent reinterpretation, with a ‘Pearl’-way of sounding. But how does that sound can be described? well, whenever we check the releases on his soundcloud-site, it’s just like a trip to a side-world, where everything is in harmony, in which his chord progressions let you forget about the past, the future & unite with the mellifluous present. sounds quite relieving? it truly is.
yet, if some of you guys still worry about that, why you just don’t press play on this track here, follow his path & say ‘hi’ to him on twitter?
we’re pretty sure that you’re goin’ to like these lush & atmospheric melodies.

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2.Niv Ast – Before I Let You Go

we’d like to introduce to a new artist on the solar roster, the tel aviv-based singer-songwriter-magician ‘Niv Ast’. we stumbled over his soundcloud-acc just some moments ago. on that, we got the impression of what he tried to convey with his ‘sport elegant’-type of output.
sport elegant’, which is first quite quizzically, but with the time you’ll perceive the meaning behind it. that can be definitely said when you want to speak about ‘Niv’. ‘sport or sportive’, due its trenchant drum concept & ‘elegant’, due its celestial synth-compositions.
by finally gettin’ the meaning behind that, you’ll definitely dig the featured track ‘Before I Let You Go’. being released as a part of the ‘Nightingale Floor’-compilation of the tel aviv-based record label ‘BLDG5’, you can get a copy of this magnificent piece of art, besides the decent output by many other isreali-producers, for a small fee of six dollars.
if you finally get your copy of that, why don’t you just tweet the label ‘thanks’ or even better, share some love with the creator of this gem here?

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3.Private Life – Dragon

next song is one of our favorite so far in two-sixteen. created by melbourne-based jamie & renee, who are goin’ under the alias ‘Private Life’, you’ll definitely will fall in love with this tremendously-good indie-track.
created by melbourne-based producer ‘dxHEAVEN’ & performed by these two lads, what you’re goin’ to hear is a song with tenacious lyrics, that needed to be read by you & you.
as we personally are fans of collaborations, this one here is pure magic & totally deserved to be on this list. and so we are here again, to feature yet another a bunch of talented artists, who are coming from this magical place called ‘australia’. that is somehow quite bedazzlin’, because it seems so that the fountain of artistry & creativity is there enormous.
we’re definitely sure that this will not be the last time that our ways crossed each other & looking forward to hear more of them as soon as the future allows it.
meanwhile, be sure to give a shoutout to nic, his production & of course, to jamie & renee.

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4. Sissi Rada – Sunday

Sunday’ is the next song we’re goin’ to talk about. created by the ‘coquettish-electrodoompop’-duo ‘Sissi Rada’, what you’re goin’ to hear is an itinerary to another dimension, visually (please check the video) & auditory.
this duo has magically appeared on the soundcloud-universe around four years ago & has gained public’s attention with eery-yet-catchy tracks, such as ‘Athena’, ‘Little White Boat’, the collaboration with german ‘David August’, named ‘Patria’ & of course, the featured song here: ‘Sunday’.
what we can say, is that you should consider to invest some time, because this type of art needs it. but why? it is because after it, you can completely conceive the idea, the meaning & the purpose of sissy & max’s creation. the intention is to expand your mind, your mental den, to take yourself to another level.
by releasin’ the track around some months ago, you can get an impression of how the upcoming album will sound like. a sneak-peak of the upcoming duo, that needs to be on your radar & the bookmark-list of your cousine.
big shoutout to these guys, we’re stoked for their future!

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5. Solomon Grey – Sweet 84

last track of today will be ‘Sweet 84’, a song by london-based electronica-duo ‘Solomon Grey’.
we stumbled over their account while hearing the reinterpretation of that track by no one else than london-based ‘T.Williams’. as we’d like to say that we’re fans of comparison, it truly has been a pleasure to check out the original. what we have heard were engulfing melodies, so energetic that we had to press play again & again.
after forty minutes, we had to cancel to press the replay-button, due to finish off this article. yet, unfortunately, the mesmerizing creation by these two lads persuaded us to do another ten minutes.
after that, we knew that this song should be on this list, immediately, otherwise utmost of us would not sleep well tonight.
Sweet 84’ is the first song of their upcoming long play, which will be released on march, 18. meanwhile, get your copies of this magnificent piece, press play & let your neighbor hear it too.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
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