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02/29 – 03/07 (#FF058)

#ff058: ‘salient soundscapes’


it’s monday & we’re back with a new episode on the ‘flamboyant five’-series. it has been sort a busy week, while we’re plannin’ stuff for the upcoming add-on, which will be released prior on every second wednesday per month (more infos on wednesday), it’s good to forget about the stress & let present you our playlist of the week.

as we did put more experimental music on the last compilation, we did add more future bass & hip hop on this playlist. but why? because, we like variety, we prefer versatility & it’s refreshing.

as we’d like to say, that music has no barriers, that music shouldn’t only sound in this or that way, we’d like to finish this intro & talk about the artists, who are on playlist number fifty-eight.

so, let the journey begin, playlist fifty-eight, salient soundscapes, say hi:

1.Teru – Woodwind

track number one on the list is by no one than a good old friend from us, the massachusetts-based beatmaker ‘teru’. this time, he did hit us up to inform about his latest dish, which he produced in his kitchen.
by naming the track ‘woodwind‘, you’ll hear a futuristic bass-meal, with the special ‘teru‘-ingredient. but what do we mean with that ‘special’-ingredient? well, one part of it is definitely the trenchant synth-composition. another one, the catchy bass line, but the utmost part is definitely the arrangement in general.
being released around a day ago, you can get a copy of this piece of art, by one of the most hard working musicians that we know.
be sure to give ‘teru’ a shoutout, share the track, show some love & don’t forget to send it to your uncle.

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2.Stantz – Moment Without Interval

we’d like to introduce you to a new artist, the bristol-based producer ‘stantz’. we came over his account quite a while ago, yet we somehow did not manage to lose some words about him.
quite a shame, tho. but why? simple answer: the salubrious output. what you’re goin’ to hear is an itinerary, which is lead by ‘stantz’ & his eery-yet-catchy bass lines. we have to admit, we had fun. it’s not only that we love to listen to ambient music, furthermore its community is somehow one of the few genres, where everyone is part of a big family, everyone is supporting everyone, pure love & dedication by people all over the world.
so, to listen to his output, we were happy to pick a specific track out, and feature it on the list. our choice: ‘moment with interval’, which has been released around two years ago.
an ambient piece of art, that awaits to be heard by you. so, do us a favor, give this man a bit of your leisure & click on the link.

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3.Sean Lawrence – Sho Nuff (feat. Norm Oddwon)

sho nuff’ is track number three on the list. being created by nyc-based artists ‘sean lawrence’ & ‘norm oddwon’, what you’re goin’ to hear is a hip hop beat with a quite familiar sample: ‘slow jams’ by no other the masters of music, ‘quincy jones’.
by fusing the hip hop instrumental with the catchy sample, you’re goin’ to hear to a track, where you definitely will say afterwards: ‘oh that’s my jaam’.
bein’ released around some days ago, you can get a copy of this piece of art via ‘sean lawrence’ soundcloud acc. so, get your copy now or otherwise, you’ll regret it.
meanwhile be sure to follow their path, because you can be pretty sure that is not goin’ to be it. more jams are goin’ to be released, so please guys, do your neighbor a favor & play this out loud.

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4.AVIX – Leave You

the next artist is the german beatmaker ‘avix’. it seems to be like a century that we featured an artist who comes from germany, which is somehow quite a shame. but why? there is an explanation for it, just take a moment, listen to his output after you have read the article.
bein’ based in stuttgart, the young producer (only sixteen years old) has put out quite impressive tracks over the last six months. so, it has been a pleasure to go through his discography, yet we had to choose one. we came by the latest release, ‘leave you’.
bein’ released some days ago, what you’re goin’ to hear is a futuristic bass composition, with a profound use of acapella-chops, a mellifluous melo-composition & of course, the catchy bass line.
we’re pretty sure that is the beginning of a great musical endeavor, which will be by far enormous.
meanwhile, go grab some coffee, get your headphones & press play. the music will do the rest.

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5.Parade – Do You Though?

last song for today is by melbourne-based producer ‘parade’. we stumbled over cameron’s soundcloud acc just some moments ago. and we’re glad that we did. by puttin’ out just two tracks in the last ten days, these two did convince us that we decided, to put one of these on the list, in this case: ‘do you though?’.
what cameron tries to convey by the art he creates, is definitely a panoply of emotions, merged with pithy melodies. an artist who definitely knows what he has to do, if he wants to progress.
there is nothing to add actually, because everything else will be redundant. all you have to do, is
first, get your copy of that track,
second, press follow,
third, check out the future releases.
last but no least, thank us later.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.