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01/18 – 01/25 (#FF055)

#ff055: ‘cazatalento’

it’s good to be back with a new episode of the flamboyant five-series. while we’re literally drowning of the intense amount of exams we have to do for the last & upcoming week, it’s quite a pleasure to do something else, besides studying, screaming, studying & sleeping.
it still amazes us (to be honest), that we somehow manage to find the right time to do the right thing. so, it’s monday & we’re back with our duties, by letting the melodies, which we found, engulf you & your d.o.g.e.
the title of this part surely let’s you imagine what kind of exams one of us was currently doing. it’s quite accurate to the thing what we’re doing, yet most of these scouts (which is the english word for it), do not really care about the artist, it’s just about the money & nothing else.
let’s skip this & get back to the main topic – the music that is on this list, chap fifty-five – here we go:

1. Hermei – When I Close My Eyes

first come, first serve. we’d like to say ‘hi’ to a new member of the solar fam, the madrid-based beatmaker ‘hermei’.
we came in touch with his soundcloud account over some days ago. the young aspiring producer can be ‘genrefied’ something between chillwave, experimental & future bass.
by checking out his discography, we were intrigued by the evolution of his beats, release by release, so that we somehow became a fan of his ambition & dedication to the world of music.
our favorite of his sounds was definitely the featured ‘when i close my eyes’.
why? well, let’s say it delivers a melodic confirmation of what we have tried to tell you: a merger between chillwave, experimental & future bass, with eery-yet-catchy acapella-chops, a decent synth-composition & a profound arrangement in general.
as a fan, we’d like to do our best & give this man a possibility to show the audience his work.
yes, indeed, you should check him out.

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2.Sloww – Bck Thn I Didn’t No U

next artist is the toronto-based producer ‘sloww’. we stumbled over his account just in the same period or let’s say moment, when we checked ‘hermei’s’ discography.
the canadian beatmaker tries to convey deep & profound feelings with his releases, so that you might wonder why he has a picayune panoply of music on his acc.
we’d like to invite you to check out his latest release, called ‘bck thn i didn’t no u’ (which obviously means ‘back then i didn’t no u’). being released just a day ago, you’re going to listen to a melancholic piece of art, that has vaporwavey elements which likes to collide with lo-fi components.
be sure to give this man a follow, to be around when he uploads a new piece of melodical panacea, like this one here & maybe say ‘hi’ to him on twitter.

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3.Teru – Session

‘session’ is the next song we’d like to talk about. being released by the massachusetts-based beatmaker ‘teru’, you’re going to listen to a future bass-track, with a solipsistic melo-composition, so that you’ll definitely add it to your soundcloud-playlist.
there are not really many informations about ‘teru’s’ background, a reason for that might be that he/she tends to be one of those people, who just likes to provide decent music, no infos about themselves.
yet, it doesn’t matter, especially in this period of information-overflow, where you can find every single detail about someone on the net. something refreshing, that we totally dig.
we’d like to make a plea: do us a favor, your neighbor & your future cat, you should check out the side-projects out.
we’re sure that you might find jams for your home place. meanwhile, check out ‘session’.

follow Teru:
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4.Kid Purity – Ambrosia

next guy is a stunner. while we were replying on some messages on our email account that we received over the days ago, we let one soundcloud-tap open, so that it played on shuffle-mode different songs.
one of those guys whose song has been played, was the stockholm-based producer ‘kid purity’. as we like to say that we love to write about catchy-phrases & mellifluous melodies, we definitely had to put this guy here on the list.
the only question that appeared after seconds was: which song are we going to feature? ‘the dust’ or ‘ambrosia’?
with a majority of votes for ‘ambrosia’ (in numbers ‘two’ against ‘zero’), we decided to pick that song & lose some words about it.
while pressing play, you’re going to emerge into a lo-fi-esque world, with peculiar vocal chops that are mesmerizing your eardrums for a couple of seconds.
a decent work, that has to be mentioned here. do us a favor & share some moments with this profound release, it might be a significant moment to reminisce about the past.

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5.Jon Ecks – For Your Love

last song for today is ‘for your love’, a track by new jersey-based producer ‘jon ecks’.
being released on the soundcloud-acc of the netlabel ‘midiboyz’, you can get your copy of this song for free.
what you’re going to listen is a decent future-bass track, with synergetic synths & a dank-yet-crispy bass line. blown away by this tremendous piece of music, we were obliged to feature it here, fetch a copy of & write about it, to share it with you & you.
while checking out ecks’ soundcloud-acc, we were intrigued by the high percentage of passion that each of these tracks have, so that we had a pleasure to check out his latest releases.
songs that have to be on your computer, like ‘lost touch’, ‘imaginary happiness’ or ‘sgnls’.
be sure to say ‘hi’ to the ‘midiboyz’, tweet them ‘guys, i dig the idea’, follow ecks’ acc on soundcloud & fetch some copies of his freebies.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.