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12/28 – 01/04 (#FF052)

#ff052: ‘eery endeavour’

we’re back in business, after we finally surpassed two-fifteen with the last article. so, two-sixteen is ahead of all of us. we have to be blunt, we can not wait to make this thing here bigger & bigger. as you have probably remarked that there are a few things goin’ on here, we’d like to say that you can expect some ‘updates’ about these as soon as possible. what we can say is that there is going to be a new way to contact us, a new way to say ‘hi’ or just send some cat pics, new sections, and so on.
so, before we start to drool about that, let’s skip it & get back to the purpose of this article: the presentation of the gems we have found, article number one in ’16, let the ‘eery endeavour’ begin:

1.Matthew Von – Terrain

we’d like to start with ‘terrain’, a song from berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, producer & composer.
we got in touch with matija’s (which is his real name) account on soundcloud recently. what we have found was pretty astounding: a panoply of mellifluous melodies packed in releases, such as his ‘floodlight’ long-play. his floodlight-release was also the right thing to sink into deeper. by doing that, we stumbled over the aforementioned ‘terrain’. what you’re going to listen is a trenchant electronic release, with an ambient-esque synth-composition & a solipsistic bass line creation.
being available as a freebie makes the long-play a must-have. yet, it shouldn’t be the only reason to check out this electronic-music prodigy, each of his releases gives you a reason to press ‘follow’ more & more.

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2.YOUTH – Kimono

next one is frisco-based ‘youth’. the young producer, composer & philosopher has quite a gargantuan discography on his soundcloud account. yet, this shall be not something to criticize. as we like to say that we like that people are showing the audience their evolvement as an artist release by release, it’s always a pleasure to check out all the songs that has been put out.
one of these is ‘kimono’: a downtempo-track, that surely has to be mentioned here. the song, which truly shows you the successful attempt to fuse ambient elements, such as the eery-sounding fx-effects, with a decent trip-hop bass line, got our attention in less than twenty seconds.
being available for a small sum of money, you can get a copy of this tenacious release here. be sure to give the youth a chance & let the melodies engulf you.

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3.Ben Hayes – Pots (feat. Lilli Unwin)

we’d like to say ‘hi’ to the newest member of the solar fam, the london-based musician ‘ben hayes’. the beatmaker got public’s attention with releases such as the ‘hedonia’ extended play.
premiered exclusively for the ‘complex’-magazine, you can be pretty sure that this album will not be disappointing. a pithy release, with succulent beats, vocals & a personal touch by the man behind this project.
so, while picking a song from this release, we have to admit: it was a sheer torture (haha). we tried our best & picked the best one (in our view) that represents the true potential of mister ben hayes: ‘pots’. in collaboration with ‘lilli unwin’, a london-based singer-songwriter, you’ll get a hip hop production merged with lilli’s seraphic voice.
the song is available on platforms, such as ‘itunes’ & can be purchased for a small fee of money. get your copies & don’t forget to say ‘thaaanks’.

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4.Kevin MacInnis – Steps

next guy on the agenda is the canadian ‘kevin macinnis’. while checking out his soundcloud, it has been a colorful itinerary that we have made.
colorful, due his knack to use a panoply of synth’s & atmospheric fx’s, so that you’ll get an impression of standing right in front of a sea, or striving through a forest.
the impeccable example of what we’re trying to convey has been found in ‘steps’, a freebie that has been released some months ago. by starting the track with a eery-yet-catchy birdsong-sample, followed by a guitar-solo that melts his way through your heart, you’re going to listen to a piece of panacea.
a melodical panacea, which lasts only for three hundred & forty-seven seconds, yet its aftermath lasts for the next hour (as we heard it for the first time).
do us a favor, press play & let the music do the rest. thanks.

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5.Advanced Dreams – Dusty Distances

last song for today is ‘dusty distances’, a lush atmospheric ambient-track that has been released around a month ago by the moscow-based producer ‘advanced dreams’.
alex, which is a real name, created an alias that definitely fits with the style of music he creates: atmospheric, soothe, sedative melodies fused with uncanny-yet-touchy bass lines, that definitely needs to be on your playlist, whether on your walkman or on itunes. it’s not the first ambient song, which we’re listening to, so that utmost of you might think: hey, it’s quite repetitive, bla bla… yet, we’d like to invite you, to check this thing here out.
so while you’re going to listen to this great piece of production, be sure to get a copy of it, check out the other releases & say ‘hi’ on alex facebook-fanpage. thank you.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.