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12/21 – 12/28 (#FF051)

#ff051: from dawn to dusk

heeellluuu. it’s about time to finish off year two-fifteen with the last article of the flamboyant five-series. while writing this here, we somehow got stuck with a panoply of flashbacks. flashbacks about
evenings, where we were perusing for hours songs over songs, to put them in a list like this here.
moments, where we were arguing about the site structure.
seconds, where we were thinking to kill each other (just in a fictive world hehe).
minutes, where we found gems over gems over gems.
you know the amazing moment of a trenchant discovery is something that is really unfathomable & indiscernible.
and of course, to share it with the people is something magically.
but for who do we do this? not really for us.
this site is only dedicated for the love to the music. and nothing else. no bullshit about specific artists, no blandishments about specific events, genres (or how alex would pronounce it ‘dzen-rah’), nothing. so, if you were looking for a troll-site, we might be the wrong place.
while we’re going to prepare ourselves for our newest additions on this site (TBA pretty soon, folks), we’d like to go on with the songs, we did put together here. last article on this series or rather the penultimate of this year, part number fifty-one, here we goooo:

1.Sarah P. – Little Soul

we’d like to welcome a new member to the solar fam: the singer-songwriter-actress ‘sarah p.’. sarah psalti, which is her real name, is a talented woman who has started her music career around two-ten in athens, greece.
since then, she has moved to berlin to start a solo project after creating music under the dream pop duet alias ‘keep shelly in athens’.
by listening to her debut extended play ‘free’, you’ll get a feeling of a tenacious r&b/pop-record, that can be seen as a personal diary, composed in melodies & lyrics.
so while we were checking out this mellifluous release, it was hard to pick a specific tune. after dozens of listenings, we came to the conclusion to add track number 3, ‘little soul’. the song impeccably presents the idea of the whole ep: an amalgamation of emotions & melodies. ‘free’ has been released under ‘eraserestart’, sarah’s own label, where you can purchase it for a small amount of money.
so, while you’re going to check out the album, be sure to like the page of this talented girl.

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2.LEAN – Reverb Undertow

next song, new moment of awe. bedazzled by the mesmerizing intro of copenhagen-based ‘lean’s song ‘reverb undertow’, we had to gulp twice before finding the right words to write down.
‘lean’, a very young project, has gained the attention of public with this trenchant release here. whether we’re talking about the hypnotizing piano-solo or the eery-yet-catchy vocals of this one-man-band here, we definitely got here a catchy tune.
a song, with such an intensity that you definitely need a moment of silence after you have heard it for the fifth, or was it already the sixth time (?) so, while many of the aspiring artists are looking for the impeccable intro-song of their alias, ‘lean’ definitely does not need to even think about it.
before we’re going to listen to this dank-yet-catchy electronic-tune again, be sure to give this man a like & start to follow his path.

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3.Yumi & The Weather – Something Tells Me

the next song we’re going to talk about is ‘something tells me’ by brighton-based artist ‘yumi & the weather’. yumi, aka ruby taylor, recently released her ep (same name as the featured song here) on the bandcamp-page of ‘XVI’-records, a uk-based label, which is quote: dedicated to taking a deep, soulful and spaced out voyage through modern electronic music .
what you’re going to expect is an upbeat indie record, with melodramatic vocals, ready to be played out loud to get past everything to finally reach your eardrums & ‘infect’ it with the ‘yumi virus’. a melody, so catchy that you definitely will check out the rest of her solipsistic productions.
for a small amount of money, you’re going to get a melodic panacea, which will definitely diminish your problems for at least some minutes. be sure to check out yumi’s site, jot down her concert dates & say ‘hi’ on twitter.

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4.Calvin Lewis – Rockaway

the next artist on this list is the missouri-based musician ‘calvin lewis’. based in st. louis, calvin did release a long play under the name ‘dovelace’ on his soundcloud-acc for free. ‘dovelace’, a merger of profound lyrics, sticky melodies & solipsistic bass lines, truly shows you the potential of this inspiring musician.
so, while we were checking out the album, we were impressed by the intensity of each track, whether when we were listening to ‘welcome to my paradise’, ‘running’ or the featured song here, ‘rockaway’.
‘rockaway’, a perfect example of the aforementioned description. whether when we were listening to the tantalizing intro, the indiscernible transition to the main part, or the crisp bass line, calvin truly deserves a shout-out on this site here.
be sure to check out this man, his newest releases & of course, get your copies of ‘dovelace’ asap.

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5.MTMBO – Forests (prod. by Burhou)

last song on this article is named ‘forests’, a collaboration between london-based singer ‘mtmbo’ (obviously pronounced ’em-tee-em-bo’) & producer ‘burhou’ (obviously pronounced ‘ber-roo’). richie matembo, which is his real name, magically appeared around one year ago on the mystical place of the internet-universe, called ‘soundcloud’.
since then, the singer-songwriter has gained public’s attention with soul/r&b-influenced electronic releases. and as you’re going to have a prediction, we’d like to invite you to check out the aforementioned collaboration with ‘burhou’.
what you’re going to listen is, first, the soothe-pithy voice of richie fused with a trenchant instrumental, with influences from multiple genres, such as r&b & soul.
unfortunately, neither is the song purchasable nor available for free. yet, that does not mean the ‘end of the world’. listening to the song again, definitely let you forget about that. so, be sure to give both artists a shout-out, follow their path & let their music engulf you.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.