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12/14 – 12/21 (#FF050)

#ff050: XV

hello again.
it’s about time to talk a terse bit about music, before we’re goin’ to ‘survive’ the christmas bedlam. three days before christmas & all we do is to think about presents, presents & turkeys. well, right now it should be more about presents than turkeys.
so, while you’re going to listen to the same song on the radio, you can instead turn it off, turn on your speakers & check the artists that we’re going to talk about. article number fifty, here are our christmas presents:

1.R.O.M – Free

we’d like to say ‘hi’ again to one of our beloved beatmakers, the birmingham-based ‘r.o.m’. being known for being the real bloke, the multi-instrumentalist has released some decent tracks in the past weeks & months, one of these is also his newest, named ‘free’.
by calling the track ‘free’, our british friend showed the audience that he as the musician, have the feeling of being free, to write music, express his emotions freely in every single synth & beat. and while you’re going to drool when you press play, be advised that ‘r.o.m’ gave this out for free. so, be sure to give this man an applause for that type of kindness.
get your copies, put it on your itunes playlist, press play & become free for the next one hundred & twenty seconds. and meanwhile you’re able to evade the daily mayhem, be sure to press ‘follow’.

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2.Howie Lee – Bei Hai

next artist, next gem that has to be on the list. ‘howie lee’, the beijing-based producer & beatmaker has recently released his long anticipated long play called ‘mù chè shān chū’, on ‘alpha pup records’, an electronic music distributor & label that has specialized itself in ‘thinkin’ local, act global’. by releasing tracks from artists all over the world, the LA-based label has gained a quite tenacious reputation for its diversity & versatility. and while you’re goin’ to check lee’s newest addition, you’re going to see why. picking a specific song from the album was quite a task, yet we managed to choose one & picked ‘bei hai’, an amalgamation between lee’s potential & his life experiences. with a colorful song structure, whether we’re talking about the solipstic drum-beat or the synth-composition, lee definitely deserved to be mentioned here. and while you’re going to check the release, be advised to check out the label & start to follow their evolvement.

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3.Woodwire – Run At Me

we’d like to say ‘hi’ to a new member of the solar family, the lyon-based producer ‘woodwire’. the artist, who is mostly known for mellifluous electronic production, has recently released a new song on ‘cosmonostro’, a french netlabel, named ‘run at me’.
what you’re going to listen is a tense composition, whether we’re talking about build up or the whole arrangement in general. the artist tried to convey a panoply of feelings & emotions. of course, as usual for cosmonostro releases, the song is available for free & can be downloaded on the netlabel’s soundcloud page. get a copy, delve into ‘woodwire’s world of melodies.
it might be that you’re going to drown in the woodwire-sea, since utmost all productions tend to be mesmerizing & captivating. yet, this might be nothing to complain about. give this young stud some moments of your leisure by checking out his site. thanks.

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4.Yaeji – But There Is More

‘but there is more’ is the next song we’re going to talk about. being released by the korean multi-talent ‘yaeji’, the song is some kind of a ‘melodic summary’ of an experience, due it has been written & published after her short visit back to korea.
being called by us a multi-talent, due her broad pallet of knowledge about singing, writing, designing, ‘yaeji’ definitely does not need a helping hand when it is about artistry.
to talk about the song is as easy as to make a tea, a pithy synth-composition, followed by her succinct voice & an example of ‘how a bassline should sound like nowadays’, the song gave us some chills & sticked in our eardrums.
being available for free, you can fetch a copy on ‘yaeji’s bandcamp-site, so be sure to get yours & for the love of god, start to follow her.

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5.Raez – MHMM

last song for today, last pre-christmas present for today. ‘mhmm’, the song by the portuguese producer ‘raez’ is something that has a high rate of addiction, due its groovy bassline & tenacious melody. based in porto, the portuguese producer magically appeared around two years ago in the soundcloud-universe. since then, we could acknowledge his evolvement & wayward style of music production.
and to talk about his releases, you should probably take a look again to the ‘cosmonostro’-page, since he mostly collaborated with that netlabel by relasing utmost of his music on their site.
being available for free, the artist showed some gratitude to his fans for the ‘drought’, since he has not released a single song in two-fifteen.
yet, as we tend to say that artists are humans & need sometimes a period offside the music world, it’s amazing to see a comeback with a trenchant release like his.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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