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11/09 – 11/16 (#FF047)

#ff047: aural conception

it’s monday the 16th, and we’re back again with a new episode of the flamboyant five series. we’re in the middle of visiting classes over classes, doing tests over tests & besides that, trying to have a productive routine by working on ongoing projects & concepts.
yet, it seems to be like a fairytale that we still can manage to release a new article with that amount of ongoing tasks & stuff. it feels honestly pretty good to manage all these things together without losing too much time for one.
and with that increase of tasks, we might even consider of increase the amount of writers for this blog (if you’re interested, you can contact us).
working in a team can be a good thing: more people can shout out their ideas of optimizing something, bring up new thoughts, new concepts, a trenchant increase of productivity, creativity & individuality.
in the meanwhile, we get back to the main topic & start with article number forty-seven, named aural conception:

1.An & – Oh Darling (feat. Eliza)

‘oh darling’ is the first song on the list. being produced by our moroccan friend ‘an&’, we always happy to hear some fresh vibes by artists from our roster. ahmed, which is his real name, did hit us up some days ago to inform us about his newest release on ‘future factory’, a netlabel that has gained attention with futuristic beats & melodies.
so we did what we had to do & were pleased with the result of our action. the song is what we can definitely call a ‘futuristic lullaby’. but why? well, a reason might be the mesmerizing intro. another: ‘eliza’, the voice that is going to engulf you & your eardrums for some moments. the london-based singer-songwriter-music lover has collaborated with ‘an&’ to create an unique piece of production, a lullaby (for our ears).
the song is available as a freebie on the ‘future factory’-site, so get your copy of this melodic-panacea as soon as possible.

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2.Handbook – Lucid (Tonight)

do you remember ‘handbook’? if yes, you’ll definitely like the upcoming song. if not, hell, you definitely should start to remember.
‘handbook’, the york-based beatmaker & producer has released yet another piece of creativity to show the audience another proof why he has to be on their list. the piece of what we’re talking about is called ‘lucid’, an electronic oeuvre with influences from future garage & hip hop. here, we have a flawless melo-composition, combined with a solipstic style of a bassline, so that you’re definitely going to fall in love with it.
being released on ‘blvnt records’, a chicago-based netlabel, you can immediately get your copy from their site as soon as you have finished to listen to it for the next forty-five minutes.

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3.Taite lmogen – Chemistry (prod. by Genkai)

the next song is all about ‘chemistry’. whether we’re talking about the song structure, or the angelic voice of the singer, it shows us a tenacious bond between every element of this track.
but who did create that sublime piece of music? the answer: tylor edwards, a beatmaker, based in london, known under his alias ‘genkai’ is the guy behind this. and who is the singer? that might be ‘taite imogen’. both have collaborated (as soundcloud says) for the first time & we’re pretty happy that this has occurred. here, it is all about the arrangement between the instrumental & ‘taite’s voice, everything seems to fit meticulously well in this soul music piece. honestly, we should look more for soul-music. this genre always gives us (or just me) some goosebumps. yet the tricky thing about that might be that might take ages, a lot of time, which we do not have. we need more songs with a perfect ‘chemistry’, because that is one of the reasons why we have started this site.

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4.WEVLTH – Waves

the next artist is called ‘wevlth’ (obviously pronounced ‘wealth’). based in new york city, the beatmakers magically appeared around a year ago & have gained the attention of other musicians, blogs & more blogs.
whether it is about versatility or creativity, it is not a big surprise that they have been under those ones to watch over the past few months.
to talk about creativity, the featured song ‘waves’ perfectly shows us an example. by sampling the song ‘cartographist’ by the canadian electronic music duo ‘purity ring’, ‘wevlth’ tried to create an experimental piece of bass music. the result? a mesmerizing electronic song, with brute kickdrums, a sensual synth-composition & of course the edited acapella of the ‘purity ring’-song.
being available a free download truely shows us the generosity of these guys. so, get it, get it, get it.

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5. Heartmath² – Lasting

the last song for today is ‘lasting’, a song by the amsterdam-based musician ‘heartmath²’.
‘heartmath²’, who is mostly known for future garage & ambient music, recently released this song on soundcloud. and as we have talked already of his style of production, we like to say that ‘lasting’ serves as a perfect example of ‘heartmath²’s way of music.
whether it is about the serene & lush intro, encased by birdsongs & followed by a bold transition to the main part or the crisp future garage bassline, ‘lasting’ definitely needs to be on your ‘chillout’-playlist immediately. as we always like to say at the end of description, to follow up the artist & give him a like, we’d like to tell you that you should check out the musician, listen to the releases & let the music convince you. you’re definitely not going to regret the decision & if so, feel free to write us.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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