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07/20 – 07/27 (#FF036)

chapter 36 – fluorescent ken

no intro this time, just the accentuation on the music & the artists. sorrrry.

1. The Marphoi Project – Lies For Sailors

‘lies for sailors’ is a song that has been recently released on the mellifluous site of the world, named soundcloud. the composer of the track: just a guy with a microphone, named william, coming straight from the precious place of rome, italy. his artist name is something we’d like to talk about it in a special way – why? – because calling himself a project is something you normally wouldn’t do. but by checking him out, by taking a look on ‘the marphoi project’, you’ll get a sense why the artist did pick that kind of name for his creations, concepts & art. to talk more about the track: a solid piece of production. initiating the song with some tenacious-yet-lush guitar riffs, followed by the prominent-yet-softly voice of the singer-composer, you’ll get in the mood to listen to this indie-track over & over again. a track for long trips in a car, a song for a walk in the woods, a piece to embrace the moment on the beach. well, we can go on, where you can listen to this song, albeit no, it would be endless. currently, the track is available only on soundcloud, so be sure to check all of his future releases & current ones on his palatable site.

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2. Trash Lord – Colder

‘colder’ is the next song we’re going to talk about. produced by ‘trash lord’, a producer whose origins are unknown (no age, no name, no country), we instantly liked the concept of the track. well, as we have mentioned in previous chapters, quite couple of times, it is needless to mention the artist origins – what matters was always & will always be one thing: the music. while concentrating on the selected song, you can say that we have here a music piece, which likes to fuse the ambient with the trenchant kicks & snares from hip hop or better said, the ‘future version’ of it. the track starts with a gracious pile of melo-synths, followed by a tenacious kickdrum & some crispy snares. all in all, a creation with a length 225 seconds – 225 seconds where you can turn off your mental radio, listen to the song & let the mellow vox acapellas engulf you. be sure to check the artist, his/her releases & future projects. we’re happy that we have crossed our way with his/her & pleased to follow his/her path.

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3. Dreamers Delight – These Lies

we go on & make a stop at the release of ‘dreamers delight’, a producer who likes to ‘create music that entraps the mind with harmonic & deep vibes’, as he has mentioned on his current facebook-page. to create music that engulfs your mind is something we’d like to hear & it is also actually our main goal on this site – not to post some bangerz & stuff, more likely to write about less-known artists, who are dedicating their lives to the creation of mellifluous & touching melodies. the record we recently checked from him, was the ‘awake’ extended play, which has been released on ‘lowtemp’ records, a online-label (founded by gramatik, which is by himself a known producer & dj), completely free of charge. albeit, by checking out each of the tracks you might get a ‘pang of remorse’, that you did not donate at least some dollars to this young fellow producer. each of the songs are solid releases, that needed to be on your walkman-list, ipod or whatever electronic device you might have. the decision to pick one song for this chapter was quite tough, but we finally made one & picked ‘these lies’, due its impeccable style of kicks, melodies & transitions. if you like to listen to some deep & harmonic vibes, ‘dreamers delight’ might be the one.

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4. Goldwater – Gone Off

we’d like to say hello to a new member of the solar mountain ridge fam: ‘goldwater’. a beatmaker-producer, who likes to create pieces of art for dancing & relaxing purposes. this is probably the first impression when you’re checking out his discography on his soundcloud-page, plus that he is part of the ‘zen supremacy’-label/culture/lifestyle. with releases over releases in the last 8 months, the second impression might be something like endless piles of saying ‘awwwsss’ & ‘ahhhhs’, while drooling & drooling more & more from release to release. the songs, mostly free of charge, are things that you should probably get, for your leisure, your neighbors, your cat & the birds in the woods. yet again, it has been a ‘torture’ to pick one song, put it on this chapter of the solanthology & try not to drool over the computer. our pick has been released recently & it’s a flip of the danny brown track ‘grown up’ (if our ears do recognize the cutted vox on the record). let’s say: the creator gave the song a refreshment, with such an intensity, that you might be ready ‘scream’ all the time. to scream, not because you’re terrified & troubled, to scream, because of joy & jauntiness. we actually don’t know which part of the track we should mention here, should it be the crisp kicks? the melody? or just the rap-part? we don’t know & that’s why you should find the answer on your own.

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5. Y Y Y – skolka

last song for today & we have yet another new member. welcome to our site, ‘y y y’. the london-based producer is not really an unknown artist. if you check his releases, you’ll find his previous productions released on ‘symbols’, a LA-based label, whose founder is none other than ‘kastle’ (whose productions are smooth & crisp from the earliest moments of his artist career). projects created with artists such as ambient-music producer ‘kid smpl’, or NYC-based ‘kadahn’. the track name of the song we’re going to talk about is ‘skolka’, an ambient-esque creation that is available as a free download on his site. a perfect match for ‘symbols’, since it has all the necessary qualities to be a part of the label: an sooth-yet-agitative atmosphere, created by lush melodies & trenchant drums. you can be sure that ‘skolk’a is not going to be last record he is ever going to release, but be sure to check his future stuff by clicking on follow on his soundcloud or tumblr acc. be sure to follow his path & enjoy his songs, as we did.

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be sure to check our updates, the posts of the artists, their newest releases & eat some bread while doing it. okbye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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