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07/13 – 07/20 (#FF035)

chapter 35 – nella vita, nel gioco e nell’arte, anche l’orecchio vuole la sua parte.

the next chap is on its way. number thirty-five. we’re right in the middle of the meltdown – the sun is shining, in a quite extreme way. to compare: we have thirty-eight degrees (celsius), which is like one hundred degrees (fahrenheit) on the outside, while on the inside it feels like forty degrees (celsius), which is like one hundred & four degrees (fahrenheit). long story short: why in the world is that so hard to fix an a/c? so anyway, we had to improvise: fortunately the internet is working in the ice-cold cellar (thank god). so, let’s start with the next part of the solanthology:

1. Chris McClenney – Lady (RNDYSVGE Remix)

we’d like to welcome ‘rndysvge’ in the solar mountain ridge fam, with his reinterpretation-refix-remix of maryland-based dj & producer ‘chris mcclenney’s’ track lady. being released recently as a freebie, ‘rndysvge’ reinterpretation can be seen as the digital fingerprint of the artist. with influences from hip hop, future bass & electronic music, the lady refix is something that can be used for party purposes or soothy moments. to talk more about the artist: coming straight from los angeles, he started to put out his productions on soundcloud just one month ago. since then, rndy has released tunes over tunes over tunes. the more he produces, the bigger his audience gets. while we’re still fascinated about his lady reinterpretation, we’d like to recommend you to check his other releases too. give him a like, a follow or tweet him some words.

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2. The XX – Angels (Vesper Remix)

next song, & we have one of the most beautiful originals that has been ever released in the last years: ‘angels’ by the XX. and while you make think that some of these most beautiful songs shouldn’t be remixed ever, we’d like to say that some exceptions may exist: in this case – vesper’s remix. coming straight from new york city, vesper took the original & transformed it from a lullaby into a tenacious piece of future music. by starting the song with acapella loops, the breakdown comes in the ring & the mellifluous bassline does the rest. fortunately, the remix is available as a free download, so you gotta have to do what you have to do: press immediately the download button. please. do us a favor, check the other releases, press replay on this remix, give a like, a follow or even a repost. thank u.

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3. Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices (Ninth Parallel Remix)

remember the last time we talked about a refix of a porter robinson track? there are plenty of them, plenty. the good ones, the less good ones, the worst ones. this one here goes straight directly to the really good ones. why? it is because our portland-based friend ‘ninth parallel’ did something magically here. ‘sea of voices’ is something unique that was part of the ‘worlds’ long play, the original was what we call nowadays experimental electronic music: with influences from classic, electro & ambient. this remix here received a refreshment: starting the song with a mellifluous piano play, followed by an eerily-soothy voice, the intro is what catches your attention, rivets your eardrums & let you wait for the main part & yes dear ladies & gentlemen, you’re not going to regret it. an impeccable piece of production, so engulfing, so bedazzling – that you might need to breathe in & out before you press on replay. unfortunately, this song is not available as a download, but that does not stop you to listen to it whenever you want to. do us a favor & check this artist out. there are secret gems, hidden from the world. gooooo.

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4. Kuedo – Vertical Stack

next one, & we have something quite interesting here. an interesting production from germany-based producer ‘kuedo’. the song name – ‘vertical stack’. if you never heard about the artist, don’t worry – his music is going to tell you his story. why? because when you check out his productions, you’ll see that each of his tracks are reflecting parts of his soul, his musical spirit is what is going to engulf you soon or later. being part of his long anticipated extended play (his first release since 2012 btw) named ‘assertion of a surrounding presence’, you’ll get an impression of how the ep is going to sound like. with piles of trenchant & yet fluorescent synth-compositions, ‘vertical stack’ is going to give you a revelation: that music might have endless dimensions & we as the artists do have the possibility to express our emotions meticulously with every riff of a guitar, or note we play on the piano. be sure to check the future releases of kuedo, wait for the release of the ep (on the thirty-first of july) on his own label named ‘knives’. until then, give him a follow.

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5. Nine Shields – Light In August

last song & we have a lullaby here. ‘light in august’ by the artist ‘nine shields’ is something that we have to talk about. due its soothy & lush atmosphere the track creates, due the ubiquitous pile of synths that are surrounding you & the room that you are currently in – it has to be in a playlist, at least in one. while we check the release, we can check that we have slightly no idea where this artist comes from, albeit that’s irrelevant right now. it’s unimportant whether you’re from djibouti or guatemala, if you write, compose music, which has its own style & beauty – we as ‘the team’ have to find you, write about you, share it with the world, nah galaxy & tell people, animals, aliens to follow your path. so, we’d like to say: give, whether you are a girl or a boy, nine shields some moments of your leisure, check the artist, let the music influence you – simply press & enjoy.

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le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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