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07/06 – 07/13 (#FF034)

chapter 34 – catching atmosphere

we’re back with some new stuff. things to lose some words about, the ish that needed to be posted. somewhere. so, the next week has arrived, we’re already in the middle of the month of july. things are going well, if we would ignore the fact that the last week has been quite pinguid & unhealthy all the time, twenty-four-seven. pizza, pasta, burgers & burgers. burgers everywhere. we hope (fingers crossed) that we will not have that kind of lifestyle again. to be blunt, living by eating only unctuous stuff – the fast food-thing can be quite bad. albeit, we’re not here to talk about our health, nah. let us focus back again to the topic, the good old music, the catchy melodies & touching pieces of pulchritude. we have been quite adventurous & we tried to put the best gems for you people on a new playlist for the week. number 34, let’s do it:

1.Luminance – Glödande

‘glödande’ is a song that has been recently released on the good old network named soundcloud. its creator is a good old friend of the solar mountain ridge family, ‘ℓuminance’. if you never heard about the name, let us make a terse intro: magically appearing like 4 months ago, the arizona-based producer tried to create a base of lush music, filled with a soothy atmosphere, so that you can finally have a spot for ‘calming down’ after a hard day. the pieces, each different to the other, are eerily relaxing, full of energy that you can basically call her (yep, ℓuminance is a girl) the musical panacea for any kind of pain & complain. ‘glödande’ perfectly describes the style of ℓuminance’s productions: filled with such an energy that you can embrace the moment, inhale & exhale the melodies. an ambient piece of flamboyant music production. we’re glad & happy that we have found this artist months ago, and pleased to follow her path. meanwhile be sure to check her other releases, favorites & give her (at least) a like or a follow.

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2.Christopher Dixit – Chimera Pt. II

we’d like to say hello to a new member of our feature-roster: ‘christopher dixit’. the paris-based producer is known for his futuristic hip hop productions, in which he likes to fuse ‘the normal’ with ‘the abstract’, well what means that? if you’re into the ‘future bass/hip hop’ section, people tend to be not really imaginative. the song structures are quite the same, well, we’re not here to blackmail anyone, but even the tracks are sounding identical. fortunately, mister dixit is not that kind of guy. with his newest release on ireland based label-collective ‘souletiquette’, christopher tried his best to show the audience his interpretation of ‘futuristic hip hop’, ‘future bass’. it doesn’t matter when we’re talking about the crisp drum-setting, the tenacious kicks or the (sorry to use the term again, but it needed to be done hehe) flamboyant melo-composition. ‘chimera pt.II’ has been released as a freebie on souletiquette’s soundcloud page. be sure to catch a copy, give him a like & check the other releases on their & his site, because they are trenchant.

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3.Haven – Epochs

next one is ‘epochs’ by stockholm-based producer ‘haven’. as you might remember the name, we did feature some productions by this artist in previous chapters of the flamboyant five-section, so an intro would be redundant. ‘epochs’ can be perfectly described as an ambient track, you can definitely catch a glimpse of its meaning, its purpose: to create a piece of music, so that you can start to think about life, the people around you, things from the past, the present or the future. ‘epochs’ is a musical trigger for the initiation of a deep & personal reflection. it’s the ‘melodical trigger’ that brings up feelings you have never been aware of – so do us a favor & let the music engulf you. and if the track is over, do us a favor & press play again or check the other releases on haven’s page. a true name for a sole purpose: bring haven to earth, by music.

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4.Y E Λ R S – うんざりしました

‘うんざりしました’ is the song we’d like to talk about. its progenitor is (as you can slighty imagine) the japanese producer ‘years’ or write it in hisher way: ‘Y E Λ R S’. and that is all we can say, because the whole description is written either in hiragana or kanji. so let the music do the description for this artist. if you check the featured song, you’ll listen to an experimental piece: the fuse of indie electronic with french bass, combined with a mellifluous melody that brings up tears of joy, moments of jauntiness or signs of improvidence. unfortunately this piece here is not available as a freebie, albeit that does not mean that you shouldn’t check the track. we can guarantee you, and that’s for sure, that the track is predestined to cheer you up (if you’re feeling lackadascially). be sure to check the great discography of ‘years’, give the person a follow & follow the path of the producer from now.

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5.Sensi Sye – Only You

‘only you’ by sensi sye is the final track we’d like to talk about. coming straight from holland (to be precisely: the municipality of ‘loon op zand’), sye is a beatmaker/producer who has started to release his tracks six months ago. the variety of his productions are broad: from hip hip to future bass, from r&b to experimental electronic – sensi does them all. short intro done, so let’s concentrate on the feature: being released as a freebie, the song can be perfectly described as ‘the chillout track’.beginning with a pile of melo-synths, followed up by a tenacious breakdown, ‘only you’ can be ‘genrified’ as a triphopish electronic music song, whose arising vocals from heaven, are originally from singapore-based singer ‘rebecca louise burch’. for those ones who never heard about her – burch is especially known for her features in the trance world of armada music. the fuse of her eternal-seraphic voice with the instrumental that has been meticulously produced by sensi is what we call nowadays ‘impeccable’.

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be sure to check our updates, check the artists & labels. until the next time. bye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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