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06/08 – 06/15 (#FF031)

chapter 31 – ‘business, business’

remember the good old days, when you were just born to be in kindergarten, doing nothing than watching that old yet sleek dinosaur movie over and over again, playing with your dolls, your legos or being a kid in general? no worries, nothing, just you and a world to discover.
well, unfortunately that was some years ago, time has changed, you just have changed. somehow. on the inner side, you’re still the kid, on the outer side: the adult, that has to do some business. work, work, maybe some yoga, maybe not. business, whether you’re working in your dream company or even building up one, or when you’re just simply ‘doomed’ to work your a** off, to pay off some bloody student loans for your totally overpriced college degree, business is nowadays (utmost) the part of our daily routine, or how our french colleagues might say: ‘le train-train quotidien’ (pronounced: ‘lae traen-traen quoteedaen’).
business is what makes coevally hopeful for better times and coevally despairs us. one of the toughest might be the music business, or how the cool people might want to say: ‘THE BIZ’.
creating and writing music can be one of the most amazing things that can happen in your life, you’ll feel coevally blessed by god to write that trenchant melody you accidentally have written on 3 am in the morning and riveted by the idea that this might ruin your life, if you go on the ‘wrong-side’ of that hotchpotch of heaven & hell. you’ll dream of living from your music, but also be somehow riveted by this scenery where you can’t write a sole melody, a song you like, even though you have to, due stipulations in a contract of your music label, or that you might get ‘less bookings’ because people do not like how ‘you have evolved as an artist’.

dear people of the music labels & marketing agencies, musicians ain’t robots, they do have the same feelings as a human being, they might have sometimes bad times, their music, their creations might sound bad sometimes.

albeit, let’s impede with the animus towards people, furthermore we’d like to accentuate that the meaning of music is vanishing day per day. besides, bless god, there are still artists outside that do not need to be signed on a label, where these guys can decide on their own, when the time has come to write more pieces of pulchritude.
let’s stick to the presentation of the new chapter:

1. Last Island – Next To You

we’d like to say hi again to ‘last island’, who was already featured on one of our previous chapters of the flamboyant five series. this time we decided to put in a quite experimental song from him. experimental electronic music with ambient-esque rhythms that first sound quite uncanny but on the second, you’ll probably remark his intentions on it. the song is named ‘next to you’ & it has been released under his soundcloud-page for free. for free, maybe for sharing new creations with his audience, or because the music might be more important for him then even thinking about putting it out on a bandcamp-page. whether free or not, the newest song of this artist deserved its way on a new chapter, and we’re definitely a fan of it. be sure to check the trenchant and yet mellifluous releases on his soundcloud page, fetch a copy, give a follow.

follow last island:
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2. Koji. – Gruvey

‘gruvey’ is something that should not be played out on laptop speakers, because you’ll definitely feel the vibes while your headphones are on or the loudspeakers. the succinct & catchy kickdrums let you drool in less than seconds. even though instrumentals might get a little bit jaded, this song here might break the rule. so let us tell some facts about the artist: male or female, we don’t know. the artist comes from new zealand (maybe our first feature about one person from this greenish place ? – we’ll have to check), the city of auckland is the place to be for seeing some koji-vibes. that’s it. no more infos on soundcloud, no twitter, no facebook – maybe a side-alias from someone else? maybe not? who cares anyway? ‘gruvey’ let’s you forget about all these questions after some seconds, be assured to check this bloke and the music he/she creates.

follow koji.:
unfortunately only on soundcloud

3.Masego x Medasin – Shut Up & Groove

you probably never heard about these two artists, as we unfortunately have. and if you did, then you’re a lucky bastard (haha). the more we check those fellow musicians, the more we’d like to spit our tongue & say loud:
‘houston, we have a problem’. so, before we can’t be able to talk more about ‘masego’ & ‘medasin’, due the high percentage of ‘drool’ is engulfing us, we do the presentation here on the KISS-way: keep it simple and short. ‘shut up & grove’ is part of the released extended play from these artists on the record label ‘noir sound’. the name of the ep: ‘pink polo’. the genre: forget it – we have yet another mixture of cultures here: whether it is about the sneaky old sax music or the tremendous trip hop & trap music, ‘shut up & groove’ provides them all. and before someone comes: ‘this ain’t something new, be assured it is!’ ‘masego’ & ‘medasin’, both beatmakers that like to ‘fuse’ jazz with hip hop & trip hop – are definitely some guys who love what they do – music. be sure to fetch a copy, and please for the love of god: follow them!

follow masego:
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follow medasin:
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4.HVRXLD – Sequester

we go on, and check the next track, which is named ‘sequester’ by london-based ‘hvrxld’. the song can be ‘genrified’ as ambient bass music. aligned with harmonic guitar riffs, heavenly sounding seraph vox acapellas, the song definitely deserved to be mentioned on our beautiful site. we’d like to recommend you while checking out hvrxld music, to give his music some time to evolve around yourself. this kind of music is something that needs to be listen in total stress-free area, to embrace the moment and let the melodies rivet you completely as it probably did on ourselves. be sure to check the releases from this fellow musician, and do us a favor and do it in a moment of silence & sootiness. thank you!

follow hvrxld:
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5. Greyhat – Omen

‘omen’ is the last song we’d like to talk about today. written by portland-based producer ‘greyhat’, the song was released actually some hours ago. to talk a little bit about the structure: imagine that you’re a cook (a good one), and you do have the ability to cook things impeccably. ok, here we go: melt the musical popsicles of ‘bonobo’ & put them together with the strawberries of ‘odesza’, and do not forget to put on the greyhat spices on it, like cayenne pepper, or sea salt. ok, let’s keep the fantasy cooking by side, ‘omen’ is a downtempo-influenced track that definitely rivet itself on our heart valves, a true beauty of music production, and bless god, for free. some notes about the artist? hmm, let’s see: as we have mentioned, mister greyhat comes from portland, usa. he loves to write downtempo electronic. he has plenty of tracks that needed to be heard by you, don’t hesitate to spend some time on it. well, anything else would be expandable, so let the music do the rest.

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be sure to follow our path by checking our updates, following texts & poems about beauty and of course about artists that we’re happy to have found them.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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