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05/18 – 05/25 (#FF029)

chapter 29 – dies memoriae

hey, it is time again for talking about some music we did find on the last week. music that let’s you remind of something. music to celebrate something. melodies to mourn. strings to salute. pianos to mesmerize…
…so let’s talk:

1.Indigo Foxx – Disconnected

the first track which we did include in this chapter is named ‘disconnected’ by producer, lover & human ‘indigo foxx’. the lover comes straight from san francisco and is known for his/her emotional creativity towards music production & composing. why emotional? well, all you have to do is to check the sounds on the artist page. maybe afterwards, you’ll going to understand the usage of that word combination. to talk more about the song: well, we have here an ambient-influenced bass-track, that likes to settle down in your eardrum forever & ever & ever. ‘disconnected’ has that special ingredient that makes it a song to reminisce about. what we’re seeing here is a musical production of higher class. it doesn’t matter if we would mention the trenchant kickdrums, the tantalizing snares or the fluorescent vocals.
the track was included as a part of the ‘winter winds vol.2’ compilation of the ‘sunset waves’ record label. all the songs of that album are free of charge and can be downloaded on the label’s bandcamp-page. keep an eye on that human, folks.

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2. Patchley – Think About

‘think about’ of the young fellow ‘patchley’ is one track that definitely deserves to be included in utmost every song compilation in this month. why? guys, we have here yet another piece of art that likes to wade through your mental den. the vocals? crispier as crispy. the melody? atmospheric & lush. the bassline? mellow & yet succinct. so let’s mention at least some facts about the artist in general: ‘patchley’ comes straight from morristown, which is part of the us state ‘tennessee’. the name stands for ambient, chillwave & trap music. the artist magically appeared in the realm of the internet two years ago. is there something else to add? mhm, no, we think that the music definitely does the rest. just think about it, click on the link, get this mellifluous freebie, check the other tracks & cry as we did.

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3. Aerocity – Cold Weather Kids

reese mcmillin aka ‘aerocity’ is an artist that likes to evolve his sound. the artist is definitely not afraid to experiment with new elements in music production. the young fellow comes straight from the us. his favorite hobby is definitely to transmit ‘mediocre feelings to mediocre sounds’ which he also stated on his artist page. well, that description definitely not fits in that of his recently released track ‘cold weather kids’. why? well, we have here a load of feelings on this track, better let’s say an avalanche of feelings. whether we’re talking about the piano-solo or the mellow bassline, ‘cold weather kids’ is a special song written for a special reason. we are definitely a fan of artists who like to write more personal-based songs and sings even on them. fellow friends of music harmony, feel free to give this song a like or a repost. aerocity definitely has deserved that. thank you for the music, reese.

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4. Elkkle – Bathewave

we’d like to go on with ‘bathewave’, a track by callum baker aka ‘elkkle’. mister baker comes right directly from the magical place called australia, where artists are overtaking the musical galaxy. to be a little bit precisely: straight from the city of melbourne, ‘elkkle’ made his appearance on the soundcloud universe just one year ago. the name stands for futuresque hip-hop & electronic music. ‘bathewave’ is yet another example for his trenchant appearance, whether we’re speaking about the perfectly set pile of melo-synths, the pithy kicks, or the fxs. neither is the track available for free nor for some money, which is quite unfortunately. meanwhile, you can feel free to check the other releases, give some likes, reposts or a follow. be sure to be up-to-date, when ‘elkkle’ comes back again with just another track. thank you.

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5.Lambert – Stay In The Dark

the last song for today and the song name is ‘stay in the dark’. the track was composed by german-prodigy ‘lambert’ and was announced as the first track of his anticipated long play named ‘stay in the dark’. while we were listening to the song, we asked ourselves all the time, that why people did and still do not more experiments with classic music? it’s that type of music that let’s your heart melt away, centuries after centuries. we’re definitely happy that we have found this guy here on the internet, to add him on our roster, to speak a tiny bit about him and let the people do the rest. ‘stay in the dark’ is a neo-classic song, that has this special cinematic-orchestra-esque feeling inside of it. we’re pretty stoked about the long play and can not wait longer for its’ release.

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be sure to check all the aforementioned artists, their soundcloud pages, their twitter status, or facebook entries. feel free to check also our upcoming updates. byyye.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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