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05/04 – 05/11 (#FF027)

chapter 27 – nodus pergravis

hello guys, it has been a while. the solar team is yet back again with another chapter of pieces of exceptional art, hunks of pulchritude, popsicles and chopsticks. thanks to the education, we were bogged down with the blog, both of us. hopefully that is not going to happen the next moments, weeks, or months – for the simple reason that we’re obliged to convey some words, some links and dedications to the (yet-unfortunately) utmost part of these musicians, who are fighting for getting any kind of attention, who truely deserved to be mentioned, even just for a single bloody time. this is what we are about. dedication, passion to the love to the music. it’s not our main ideal, to ham that specific purpose with some words up, no, it’s just about being precisely about the meaning of this site. so let’s keep that intro tersely, and let’s start with the new chapter and its content:

1. Funktionslust – Forever

we’d like to start with london-based ‘funktionslust’ newest record named ‘forever’. to describe the duo in one sentence: ‘atmospheric music merges with seraphic voices to create a track, you probably never heard about in a similar way’. it’s not the first time that we have featured one of the tracks of the beloved duo. the journey on the internet began months ago, with the likes of many blogs, artists all over the world. to talk more about the aformentioned song ‘forever’: the track initiates itself with a pile of various synths, fused to create a symbosis between them, then the seraphic voice appears in the middle of transition from the beginning to the main part. ‘forever’ goes straight to the section of the dancy-dancy stuff, with a tiny exception, that even after hearing it over and over again, it still get’s not agonizing. we’re getting pleased from release to release and we’re pretty stocked where this path of these lads is going to end. instant support, instant post.

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2. Keota – Hourglass

we go on, and make a stop at ‘hourglass’, a track that was produced by new-jersey based producer ‘keota’ aka tom brennan. the track itself is part of the recently released extended play named ‘blueshift’, under the encouraging label ‘drastic records’. the whole ep stands for the purpose of amalgamations: with influences from neuro, breaks & garage, keota did something that isn’t really new, albeit the usage of all the elements makes the ep to a trenchant release, a piece of pure variety & creativity, an artistic exposé of his talent. to talk more about our pick of the ep, hourglass: it’s everything inside of this music piece, the trenchant basslines, fused with neuro-elements, to turn it into definitely-not-tedious song. don’t forget to mention the crispy percussions. we’re going to stop to describe that more, because the more we listen to that song & the whole ep, the more it gets harder not to drool on the screen. instant post, instant support.

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3. No Tv No Radio – Mirage

‘mirage’ by belgium producer ‘no tv no radio’ is something that could be played in all the radios over and over again, and yet it would the freshest thing on the whole planet. the song is crispy, the melody mesmerizing, the bassline tantalizing. ‘mirage’ stands for all that type of electronic music, that you expect to be from a french producer. it doesn’t matter if we would talk about kavinsky, sebastian, or brodinski – ‘no tv no radio’ has definitely not hide himself from these fellow musicians. we have bad and good news for you: the bad news – it’s not for free, the good news – hell, just pay the small amount of money to catch a copy of this astonishing song. do us a favor, do your neighbor a favor, turn on your stereo system, press play and let the music do the rest. thank you for that track!

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4. Solace – My Fears Are All That’s Left of Me

the next track we’d like to talk about is ‘my fears are all that’s left of me’ by our beloved friend and producer ‘solace’. if you have checked our recent chapters in this anthology, the name is going to pop off somewhere. but why? because that guy totally deserved it, with all his dedication to the music. ‘solace’, formally known under ‘beatmasterflex’, is an musician who likes to experiment with genres, to fuse lush & atmospheric elements, such as samples of rain drops with melodies that were composed on his piano, or combining the horn with some strings. ‘my fears are all that’s left of me’, is a perfect example of what we were talking previously. the ambient song, that provides elements of the aforementioned strings & cinematic electronic let’s your heart float away. with all the releases he puts out, you can probably check it by yourself that this guy has some real talent to write down emotions on music notes. thank you for the song!

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5. Mounika – Mockingbird

we’d like to end this chapter with ‘mockingbird’, a song by french mounika, under soft tapes, a collective-or-just-a-webpage?, well we don’t know. the artist is beatmaker that likes to create succulent music. succulent? what does that suppose to mean? if you check it by yourself, you’ll probably understand the meaning. if not, that is not going to be the end of world. to talk more about ‘mockingbird’: a sap of really chilled and lofty hiphop, combined with jazz music to create a equianimatic atmosphere, no strain, no pain-staking moment, just the moment of relaxation. we’re pleased if you would like to spend some time of your sacred leisure to check the other releases of this fellow producer. give him a like, a repost or just follow him on his soundcloud – it’s up to you. merci mounika!

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be sure to check all the future releases of these musicians, be sure that we cannot wait to provide you with more music that deserved to be mentioned. feel free to check all the upcoming updates towards the smr-movement.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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