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04/13 – 04/20 (#FF026)

chapter 26 – non scholae sed vitae discimus

helloo alumni musici (hey that is even the correct form lol), it’s us again. time to convey good feelings and smooth jazz. we usually ask ourselves, how in the world can you make a dull intro less dull, and more sophisticated. one possibility might be: to put a motivational poem on the intro, something that has something in common with music, or let’s say with artistry, creativity or ingenuity. one other thing might be: a rant text that has literally nothing in common with the world of music, or with innovation, imagination or inspiration. well, there is always and for ever option c: ….the fuse.
the merger of rant & poetry, the amalgamation of ‘le train-train quotidien’ & the flux of melodic pulchritude that gives you the opportunity to use it, to write something with such an originality you can barely imagine:

time to convey,
with such a dismay,
some lines about ingenuity,
some letters about animosity,
a poem for inspiration,
a rhyme for de-motivation,
the verse for no simple reason,
the line for ending this mess and go on with the solar show & season.

we actually should end up writing an intro. that is what we have learned today, because after school, the life begins and you start to learn for life. chapter 26, here we go:

1. August Sören – Blankets and pillows in half light, taste of rain by the ocean, moonlight through shutters, loss

we’re pleased to start with a song of our fellow friend and portland based composer & producer august sören. this time, august sent us a message for his recently released ambient track whose title is named ‘blankets and pillows in half light, taste of rain by the ocean, moonlight through shutters, loss’. usually, if u start to play a track, your imagination starts to build up a scenery by hearing the melodies of the song: it could be a hill, on which you’re standing on and watch the dawn or dusk, a bridge on which you can see a panorama. it’s more fascinating if you’re talking to someone else about that and see what kind of thoughts the person might have while listening to the track. in this case here, our friend gave up his interpretation, imagination of how the scenery should be like with the aforementioned track name. to talk more about the track precisely: yet another ambient track, fused with the atmospheric-and-lush strings, that lets you stay in a pensive mood. we always love to help our supported artists, for the love to music & for the dedication to help people. instant support, late post.

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2. Louis Perpetual – Secrets

we’d like to go on with toronto-based producer the kount’s side project, named ‘louis perpetual’. the track we’re going to talk about is ‘secrets’, which you can catch as a freebie on paris-based deeperkay’s soundcloud-page. ‘secrets’ is all about vibes, whether you’d like to hear a song to relax, to do some taxes or enjoy the moments with your girl or boy. the song has influences of jazz, r&b & hip hop. with the mellifluous intro, the bassline enters the stage and melts anything near you, including yourself. it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the piano with the jazzy-yet-catchy melody or the trenchant kicks, the song instantly got our support, and we’re pleased to put ‘secrets’ on this chapter of the flamboyant five series. feel free to check the song, this side & of course the main project. ‘the kount’ stands for versatility, so if you like what you heard here, feel free to check the releases on his soundcloud page. instant support, instant post.

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3. Watsn – Need Me

‘need me’ is a track by london-based producer watsn (obv. pronounced watson), which is released by manchester-based record label ‘m14’ as a freebie. and yes dear friends, we do have here yet another trenchant production from the country of music. doesn’t matter if we’re talking about its significant percussions or the trenchant kickdrums: ‘need me’ is all about the bass. to be more precisely about the track structure: a pile of synths and hihats, followed by a mesmerizing acapella that does the transition into groovy bassline, which kind a let’s u reminisce about the last shopping tour you had in that specific hipster shop. it’s the groove that turns the song into a tile of melodic & intense jauntiness. it’s the bass that brings up the lush atmosphere around yourself. we’re pleased to support the track, the artist. feel free to catch a copy of the freebie via ‘m14’. instant support, instant post.

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4. Haven – The Truth Is, I Love You

the next release is from the swedish producer-composer haven, which was already supported by us – previously on one of our first chapters. this time, haven did release a song named ‘the truth is, i love you’. for god sake, how is it possible that these kind of artists are so unknown? that’s actually a shame, a shame that this sort of music is intentionally ‘ignored’ by public. well, let’s say: it’s a shame for the mass. we’re glad that we have the opportunity to present the audience such a mellifluous song, that is trembling for body & soul. haven did what stands for his name – a divine ambient track. a seraphic soundscape. a heavenly produced song with such an intense message, that is mind-blowing, mind-melting haha
‘the truth is, i love you’, we’re not going to add more words about it, oh, let’s a say just some here: the truth is, we love you, thank you haven. intentionally supported, instant post.

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5. Pastiche – The Happy Fall

we’d like to finish up the entry with ‘the happy fall’, a song by denmark producer ‘pastiche’. jens madsen, that is his real name, is a club music producer that likes to combine stuff, fusing club vibes with grime or experimental electronic music. ‘the happy fall’ goes straight to the club music section. a song that begins with trenchant melodic synth-loops, that are followed by a significant break-down where after that the mesmerizing bassline says ‘hi’ to you & your ears. the track was released as a part of the ‘rufftrax vol. 1’ lp, a compilation by munich-based label ‘ruffhouse munich’. oh. did we actually say that you can catch the track as a freebie? the whole compilation is for free and provides you a great variety of electronic music. feel free to check out ‘pastiche’ and his releases and leave a comment or a follow for this fellow friend. instant support, instant post.

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it’s time to say good bye,
bye. bye. bye. bye.
*drops micro

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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