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03/30 – 04/06 (#FF024)

chapter 24 – fickle fountains

hi. the people of the solar mountain ridge realm are speaking right now. we’re back again with the next chapter of the ongoing tale about artistry, some musicians here, some musicians there – facts about their places, where you can catch a glimpse of them, the websites, fan-pages, or booking agencies. well, still nothing has changed since last week, there is still (bless god) a high output of good music, bacon is still tasting amazing, people are still betraying each other, legerdemains, ruses & yet still looking for their initial purpose the dear god gave them. to those ones, who have found it, congratulations, your life is going to be a tiny bit, let’s say ‘easier’, easier to focus what matters the most, easier to realize that we decide how our life is going to be, etc. for the rest, those ones that still did not find the right one, don’t get mad, do not start any kind of altercations, only with the time you’re going to find it, because one famous man already said it once: ‘patience is the key of success’. and yes ‘unfortunately, it is’. so back to main purpose of this realm, page, blog, call it whatever you want, the music:

1. Duskus – Two

we’d like to start with ‘two’, a track that was recently released on netherland-based label ‘bitbird’ as a freebie. the artist, whose origins are known under the term ‘wonderland’, is named duskus. duskus recent work flow shows you his true ability of creativity. the track which can be determined as a futuristic hiphop hybrid, fused with mellifluous synths that lifts the track level into the stars. and yet, the guy from the wonderland is not at the end of his production road. with periodical tune releases, he is on the way to create a base for his fans, followers and collaborators. besides that, he is part of the kaleidoscope collective, with musicians such as yk, or subtact. feel free to check out the artist, make an itinerary to his wonderland and keep on following his path, instant support and posted.

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2. Pearl – Missing Pieces

next track is ‘missing pieces’ by somewhere-up-the-north based producer-artist pearl. the song is about ambiguous sadness, ambivalent due its significant mellow arrangement & build up, a mesmerizing written atmosphere that let’s you go to your inside, and reminisce about the good & of course the bad things that happened in your life. ‘missing pieces’ is what is called nowadays a trigger mechanism. that’s something, that when you’re seeing it, in this case hearing it, skewers your mind and let out feelings/emotions you’ve probably never been aware of. this kind of musicial emotional trigger turned into an unfortunately pretty rare thing – with the view on any kind of radio charts or shows, all what matters are tits & asses. the real meaning of the music turned into a rare uncanny item, yet there is hope. by checking out the artist page, you’ll probably understand what we have said. supported, loved.

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3. Kastle – Strange Days

next release, kastle’s ‘strange days’. with the announcement of strange days, three months ago, the LA-based producer announced his tour and upcoming projects for his recent released extended play named ‘hyperreality’. for those who might never heard about the créateur of strange days, he is one of those fellow musicians that started a online label named symbols for supporting young and anticipated producers all over the world. to talk more about the track structure, a trenchant garage-esque ambient track, with penchant drums & snares that let your dream come true. we highly recommend you to go to a show and let the music influence you. with his high level of dedication to this business, you’ll see that he really inhale and exhale the music day per day. supported, blogged.

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4. Azael – Gone

we go on and make a stop at azael’s shop. the track we’d like to talk about a little bit, is named ‘gone’. the very unique and chilly atmosphere with the piano solo at the beginning, and the punchy-yet-crispy bassline after the breakdown fused with hypnotic acapella-loops brings up your indecisive manner. is it the piano solo that is more beautiful or the break down and with it the bassline? ughhh, hell we don’t know what to say about that. to sound fair, all parts are dedicated to the pulchritude of the musicial panacea – in this case, panacea stands for the good part of the music. if you really love the combination of classic with ambient electronic, feel free to visit the new-york based soundcloud page, it’s worth the time.

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5. Emune – Gretchen

the last song is named ‘gretchen’, created and relased by emune, a LA-based hiphop-producer. ‘gretchen’ shows u, that the combination of the piano and hiphop is still an amazing one. by checking out his releases, you’ll see that the utmost part of his discography is free of charge and dedicated with love for his fans & friends. we’d like to say more about it, but that would be somehow expandable, whether it is about the track structure or the artist itself. just simply press play, and let the music do the rest of our job. thank you for this, and keep on pushing (!) instant support, instant post.

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if you feel offended of what we have said, we’re ten per cent sorry for it, only ten, because the ten stands for the time of your dull routine, we took and never give it back again (except someone of you has invented the so-called tantalizing time-machine, to get back to the past – if so, feel free to use it hehe).

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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