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03/09 – 03/16 (#FF022)

chapter 22 – deft decisions

hi. it’s about time to write some good old lines about the music. to sum the last week up in two sentences: dull week with a dull schedule. the work that has to be done, is done. we’d like to keep the intro unusally short and switch to the main part of this article, chapter twenty-two:

1.Vox – Money (Dream Tiger Immortal Remix)

we’d like to start with a remix-reinterpretation-thing from cincinnati-based singer-composer liz wolf aka dream tiger. the song that was remixed was originally written by los angeles-based artist sarah winters aka vox (not pronounced like bono vox, more like ‘wokes’). if u never heard about both artists, it’s not a drama at all. we’d like to educate u: vox did magically appear in the world of known artists with her debut single ‘better’, since then she kept herself busy, by releasin’ singles over singles. ‘dream tiger’ is a project that is (only god knows why) severely unknown, so that people like us need to help by talking about their work, spreading some love and share some facts about them. and with this remix, it’s a pleasure to do that. to talk about the song structure, it’s a trenchant hiphop-futurebass-influenced track, compared to the original more ambient and less dancy. with the voice of vox, and co-appearances from wolf’s husband, the reinterpretation leveled itself up into higher spheres. instantly supported, faved, and posted, thank you.

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2.Andreya Triana – Gold (Max Graef Remix)

we go on with a track by uk-based singer-songwriter andreya triana. people might recognize her, if we would mention that she worked with artists such as bonobo. this time, one of her songs, named ‘gold’ received a soul-r&b-esque remix by (is he german?, we think so) max graef. with the mesmerizing beginning of the synth-solos, you’re going to expect more and stay on the page site. and yes, dear guys, you’re not going to waste or even regret your time. the bassline, or lets say, the main part fuses every element you might need to create a soulful track for enjoying your cuba libre or sex on the beach. it doesn’t matter where we’re talking about the perfect layering of the synth-chords, or the impeccable usage of the vocals, graef did create a true beauty, and that’s for sure. supported, loved, posted, thank you.

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3.August Sören – In from the rain, making hot cocoa and watching the storm from the kitchen

you might recognize the name already. august sören is not really an unknown guy in our solar mountain ridge artist roster. we recently featured one of his previous works in one chapter of the flamboyant five series (unfortunately we don’t remember which exactly lol), and decided to put another piece of his creations into the series. the title, as blatant-yet-geniusly picked, really shows you the ability of the portland-based composer. this time, as he mentioned on his page, he tried to do something else. what he tried to tell was that he’d like to fuse, e.g. the piano with his ambient music, to create something different as his usual stuff. to talk about the song structure, it starts with the aforementioned piano-solos, where these fuse themselves with some atmospheric effects in the main part to show you a picture of the sunrising (that is what alex was thinking while listening to that part). ‘in from the rain, making hot cocoa and watching the storm from the kitchen’ is yet another piece of music, that was definitely worth to put in this chapter here. full support.

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4.Babel – damascus

damascus is a song that was recently released by ny-based ‘babel’. we don’t know exactly where this guy did appear, because there is no incidence on any social media site (we did not find anything lol, heelp). to talk more about the track, whether some of you might say: ‘hey, this is a reinterpretation of fifty’s candy shop, we hate him for that bla bla’, we’re definitely going to say the opposite. sure the melodies have ressemblances to the aforementioned song, but nowadays, people got inspired by ‘let’s say’ old tracks. the producer did create here a really-dank and trenchant bass track, that perfectly fits in the section of ‘the futuristic ish’. what we hope that these kind of reinterpretations are not going to vanish, (cough marvin-gaye-vs-pharell-robin-thicke-case cough), because these deserve the same attention as the ‘original stuff’.

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5.Darlekone – Fallen

we’d like to finish up with ‘fallen’, a song by london-based producer darlekone (pronounced dar-lek-kone). we’d like to make a plea, darlekkone has not sufficient followers (in our view), you should help him, support him, share his stuff, because here, we do have yet another great uk-based musician. to talk more about ‘fallen’, it’s a future-garage-ambient-mixture, merged with uncanny-yet-catchy acapellas that let’s you forget about the past, the future and rivetes you in the here-and-now. until the song ends of course. we’d like to re-do the plea, a so-called re-plea: most of the releases on the page are freebies, gifts from the artists to show appreciation and kindness. take this present of his benign behavior. we love it, we support it, go love it, and support it too.

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honestly we thought that we might say something about the pharell williams vs. marvin gaye estate-case, but then we had the feeling of ignoring the main purpose of the site, the whole focus on the music, and not the side-stories about person a or b or scandals about release x or y.

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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