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02/15 – 02/22 (#FF020)

chapter 20 – duties, routine & naps

hello, it’s about time to go on with the flamboyant five thingie. already chapter twenty, we feel kinda sorry not to celebrate that, thus we go on with our duties to present u a section of beauty. some music here, some vibes there, it’s all about the routine. meanwhile we’d like to take some naps, becuz they make u feel good and beautiful. there are so many good things on goin’, while many of u still may ask urself, when does the update of the page come up, we’d like to ignore that question, and go on, until u’ll see a pile of unprecedented amendments. thank u, here we go:

1. PXRSXPHONX – Need to Know (x Madi Larson)

we’d like to start with ‘need to know’ with the arizona-based vocalist ‘madi larson’. the instrumental was created by a producer named ‘pxrsxphonx’, origins: unknown. the track itself is more to be determined as a soothing piece of music, than to be called a dancy, fidgety song. ‘need to know’ begins with the mesmerizing voice of larson, followed by a pile of heavy kicks, and some lush ambient synths in the background. and of course, if u have that pile of kicks in ur song, u might use stunning 808s, to lift up the level of production. unfortunately the track does not have many views, a reason could be that it was recently released as a freebie (go fuckin catch a copy), or people tend to be ignorant. this is some really good stuff here, share it, spread it, it deserves it. posted, shared, thank u.

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2. Romare – Work Song

we continue with the london-based producer romare. the artist recently released an long play, under the title ‘projections’. to describe the long play briefly: a fuse of jazz, techno, ambient, electronic music. there are plenty of tracks to pick from that beauty of record, so that we decided wantonly to post here about the ‘work song’. the description of the long play, perfectly fits to that song too. a perfect arrangement of dancy hihats, trembling kicks, jazzy melos & uncanny synths to make u smile, go on ur working schedule (same does apply here while writin’). what also is interesting to mention, the variety, the tempos, the build ups of the record. it’s not about creatin’ something really complex. for those who might recognize the name of the artist, will understand what we meant. it’s not that we say: ‘hey yieah, here’s a song, go re-build it, it’s pretty easy’. what romare differs, is the perfect timing, the perfect arrangement of the elements of the song. loved, supported, blogged.

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3. Gomorra & Dersu – Padme

‘padme’ is part of an extended play that was released on rumanian-based label origami sound. the artists: swiss producer & djs ‘gomorra’ & ‘dersu’. to talk about more the record, our first reaction was like: ‘what the hell did we just find here? oh my god, that sounded ludicrously good.’ we have here one of the first techno records featured on our site, not that we ‘hate’, ‘dissent’ that genre, hell no, it’s just becuz eventhough u have many many good artists on this planet, many of them tend to have just one good song, and that’s it. while checkin out the disco of both musicians, we were really happy to be so wrong. every song, a masterpiece, including this merger of tropical, jazzy, techno & of course house. and yes of course, u have the permission to dance to it. albeit, it can be sometimes really soothing. fuck it anyway, press play, enjoy and do whatever u have to do. posted, supported, bye.

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4. Unforseen – Discovery

‘discovery’ is yet another featured track by the stunnin’ composer, and producer ‘unforseen’, the man, the kid, whoever he might be, might break our self-claimed policy about re-postin’ stuff from the same artist. by hearin’ the track, u start to forget everything that is around ur place, humans, pets, computer, the stress, the pain. the song is all about feelings, that’s for sure (we’re not sure if we did use this sentence somewhere, it’s like havin’ right now a deja vu). if u might not see the page of track, and just listen to it, u’ll probably think of a movie, whose soundtrack was written by the mighty hans zimmer (yieah, we should stop the comparisation, but honestly, if u spending ur time with that kind of music, u would probably have the same thought about it). we love u, thank u for all the dedication to the music.

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5. Anuch Music – Lines

we’d like to finish up the chapter with the track ‘lines’, by moscow-based producer ‘anuch music’. the song recently got featured on many platforms, becuz it deserved it. to talk more about the creation: a future garage track, fused with atmospheric melos and a acapella that let ur sundae melt into liquid mass, meanwhile u’re listening to it. feel free to check out his other productions on his soundcloud, and of course, to follow his path. eventhough he is not the only artist on this world, that creates that kind of music, we’re grateful for finding each of them, becuz they show u that sometimes music is not about dancin’, it’s about the feeling, to express urself, to spread some love, to tell a story, a tale. thank u anuch, we’re pleased that we found u.

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we’d like to finish up this chapter with a poem:

roses are red,
violets are blue,
this poem was written in two seconds,

le fin..
..oh btw

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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