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02/01 – 02/08 (#FF018)

chapter 18 – fabula ignota

hello. it’s us again.

we’re back, with another chapter of the flamboyant five series. we’re not goin’ to complain about the fact, that we’re amid the development progress to expand this beautiful sanctuary of music. while many of u might ask us why we did skip the last week, we do have two answers for that:
one, because we already have posted a monthly compilation a day before the marvelous day named monday, we came to the decision not to ‘overpollute’ ur feed, i mean, like forreal, two posts of the same dudes day after day, hell please, no..
two, soundcloud does not like us.
/rant on
this site, used by all kind of people, really really makes it hard to be loved. whatever u might post, put up, upload on that beautiful platform, u’ll be attacked by their snake named ‘copyright infringement’ or their dog named ‘block’..
albeit, it’s the only god damn network besides youtube, where u can be connected with all the geniuses over the world, musicians, labels, collectives, teams, let’s call them all artists.
/rant off
we go on with the next chapter, already number eighteen, for god-sake, named ‘fabula ignota’ (this time with a big whoooosh):

1. Pur – Northside

we start with limoges-based producer ‘pur’. pur did release recently two-track extended play on the swedish/danish (online?) record label named ‘lotss records’. well first, no, unfortunately it’s not a freebie (sorry guys lol), albeit while listenin’ to the tracks, u’ll get the idea of what pur was thinkin’ of while creatin’ this: a dancy record, to feel good, to forget about ur stressful routine, for just a couple of minutes, so that u have to press play again to get (back) in the mood. we can tell about the track structure, that the track can be (if u really want to determine) add to one specific genre, named ‘house music’. the track begins with the typical beginnin’ of house music: first, the hi hats, then the claps, then comes the eerily acapella-loop, meanwhile the kick enters the stage. so here u got the elements of an ‘easy’ structure to create dancy stuff, but please don’t forget about the melody. a significant melody (which pur provides in both tracks) is what differs a song to another (soundin’ obvious huh?). to say it bluntly, solid track, solid structure, solid release, supported, loved, posted. u might wanna check, bruh?

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2. August Søren – my hard drive corrupted yesterday. This is the last track I backed up.

we go with august søren’s last upload on the bug-blessed network named soundcloud. august søren, who is that? the name kinda sound like one of ten million other august søren in whole scandinavia, yet this mister really differs him from the mass? why? first, he comes from portland. second, we only use one sentence, better let’s say, adjectives & nouns to describe his productions: pulchritude. bliss. interstella-esque way of music. cinematic electronic. pristine piano melodies. unfortunately mister søren’s computer recently died and because of this, he mostly lost all of his productions, but we’re pretty sure that this is not goin’ to stop him. if u listen to this ‘last track i backed up’, u’ll remark the fuse søren tried to create: a perfect concept of combinin’ piano melodies with ambient elements. if u love music that was created by asa, stumbleine, owsey, atra aeterna, u might wanna check, if not, then please do us a favor, check the link, go on his page, take ur time, and check this out. supported, posted, loved.

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3. Diversa – Bantering Sprites

another post to write, another track by diversa in it. some random user: ‘oh mah gawd’, please, guys, for the love of god, could u stop supportin’ him, support other artists, he does not deserve it. for real, if no one would share tracks, this world would be a sad, and lonely place. we’re back again with another song by mister kickass, a.ka diversa. track name ‘bantering sprites’, genre: diversa, ingredients: some diversa. usually many of these so called great artists do have an apex, then comes the downfall, whether we’re talkin’ about person a or person b (we’re not goin’ to blame someone here, we dont want to be sued, meh sademoji.png), yet mister diversa shows us the opposite, neither is there an apex nor a downfall, production by production, this dood is cookin’ some good bacon, and it gets even better, bacon by bacon. we’re not goin’ to talk about the track structure, becuz no words can describe how yummy this is. supported, posted, (one of us is goin’ straight to the kitchen)

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4. Caitlin Blake – File

do u remember the caitlin blake? hell u do, we previously talked about her, and her former released extended play named ‘caitlin blake ep’. this time, blake is workin’ on some new material, and besides that, from time to time, old concepts, tracks are uploaded on the (yet) less followed soundcloud acc. one of these named ‘file’, was posted approx a couple of hours ago. the funny fact is, normally not many blogs, or sites are postin’ concepts or track ideas on the page, becuz for whatever reason. we decided to put this on our page, becuz we really like the idea of a downtempo track, fused with a salty bassline. the song really gets u in a mood, ur fidgety manner calms down, and turns into a serene one. we’re pretty sure that this person from wherever she might be (soundcloud says new zealand) is goin’ to get more attention. meanwhile all u have to do is, dear user, to listen to it, share the stuff, spread the love. supported, posted, goodbye.

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5. Unforseen – It Still Feels The Same

last post, and yes, guys, it’s not a newbie in our roster. what we’re talkin’ about is the person, somewhere up north in canada, named ‘unforseen’. the last time we’ve spoken about this guy was about the lush atmospheric music he composes, and puts on his acc (bless god). now we would like to share another piece of art, named ‘it still feels the same’. the tracks starts with uprisin’ merger of strings & piano, and ends with an (sorry for the usage of this word) epic fade-out. while most of us might question themselves, what the meaning of the track is, what all this is here about, we’re pretty sure, that unforseen really wanted to write something really personal, & with that, everyone will have another perception about the meaning. in the name of blog, we do appreciate every piece of him, that he already composed and released on his site, the least thing we can do, is to talk about, to show the people: hey guys, forget about all the electronic dance music thing, and check out some real art. supported, loved, posted.

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oh mah gawd, this chapter is already done. we’re goin’ to cry about it for ten seconds, and go on with our normal business. meanwhile, check all these people, their accs, their twitter statues, and please for the love of god, order after it, some pizza. ok? goodbye.

le fin.. oh btw..
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the end of the tale but not of this book.

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#diversa #caitlinblake #unforseen #pur #augustsören

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