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01/19 – 01/26 (#FF017)

chapter 17 – iridescent delicacies.

heelllooo. it has been a dull week, one of those u can relinquish. while many of us spend the time on learning for school, college, others had to work, some of even slept the whole fuckin time. for whatever reason. (well we can fully understand this, we still have the coldass winter right infront of the door). anyway, this is not goin’ to end as a rant-text (which actually would be funny, and of course tougher, so that u have to find somehow a transition from rantin’ to writin’ about the musical delicacies from the previous week). instead we keep this intro a dull-common thing, addin’ sometimes some facts about food, or liquors, or both, or maybe none of these. let’s get back to the music, we would like to start with chapter ehrm, which one was it again, ahhh, yieah, 17. name? iridescent delicacies:

1. Unforseen – I Can’t Tell If I’m Happy or Sad

we start with ‘i can’t tell if i’m happy or sad’ by canadian producer unforseen. how would u describe the track in one single sentence: a fuse of hans zimmer & luduvico einaudi. if u have seen the interstellar movie, u probably reminisce about the movie. if not, well hell, it does not matter. ‘i can’t tell if i’m happy or sad’ is song to remember, whether ure in the ambient music scene or not, music does not have to be bleepy, noisy, or has to kick ass, it’s the serenity, which truely (yes, we’re serious) shows what music can be, a piece of pulchritude, heaven, hush, lush, fairytales, angels, all these feelings are around u. some of us may even thing about the dawn, or dusk, when the sun arises or goes down. a cinematic-song, a true beauty. instantly supported, loved, posted. thank u.

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2. Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty (Dinnerdate Remix)

we go on with munich-based dinnerdate aka simon hoppe. dinnerdate, guys, if u did not hear about the name, u should probably spend some time on his soundcloud-acc. why? because this dude truely dedicated his life to the music. all the remixes, the originals were made with passion. this here, is an official remix hoppe did for lana del rey. the track structure: a chill-futuristic bass track, it’s not one of those, where ur reaction probably would be like: ughhhh, not another dull future bass track. thanks god, and hoppe, this here is a real stunner. eventhough dinnerdate is more known for his deep/tech electronic productions, this remix-refix-call-it-whatever u want, does not need to hide itself. black beauty, supported, loved, go strive on his soundcloud.

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3. Krater – Tökyö

‘tökyö’ (obviously pronounced tokyo) is track, which was written by gothenburg-based composer krater aka karl risenfors. the track starts with a pile of synth-cakes, followed by vocal-chop-sticks, and when the bridge arises, u probably goin’ to press on download (yes, dude, we have another freebie here). ur reaction when the bassline kicks in, is goin’ to be something in between: mesmerized dancin’ and reluctant droolin’. why? dude, seriously go check it out. either u’ll like it, or not, it’s not our problem. we’re only here to provide a god-damn base for the upcomin’ stars (thanks god not the hyped ones). back again to the song: the melo-composition brings up the same emotions as an above & beyond track, somehow. good concept, good mixdown, go check out ‘tokyo’, and after that the other releases by this swedish artist.

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4. Lemonick – Flash Street

we go on with a track by swiss-producer lemonick. track name: ‘flash street’. the song was recently released on the side-kick project of romanian label ‘origami sound’ named ‘clubwerks’, a place to provide the best (as written on the website) ‘genre-less’ club music. genreless? hell yes, would u prefer to categorize that kind of music? it’s a pretty tough job, so please stick to the term ‘club music’, otherwise u’ll end up by creatin’ a genre-name such as booty tech, booty bass, whatever. back again to lemonicks ‘flash street’, if u like the club music, written by e.g. sluggers, wuki or scntst, u’re probably goin’ to enjoy every single track on the clubwerks webpage. and even if not, (hell we’re not here to compare artist to artist) go give it at least a try. about the track structure: it’s all about the rhythm. it’s the sticky rhythm that stays in ur head, besides these propulsive drums, or stark kicks. a song to dance, to chill, to eat, or to play with a console. supported, posted, next one please.

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5. Deft – One Eye Open

last track for today, ‘one eye open’ by london-based producer deft. who is deft? what kind of music does he make? deft is a multi-genre artist. whether we’re talkin’ about ambient bass, garage-esque music, 2step, future bass, he does not stick to one single genre, he even fuses them to create the specific ‘deft-sound’. ‘one eye open’ was released as a freebie, u can fetch a copy on ‘xlr8r’, u can find the link on the soundcloud page. we would make a plea: dear user, all these artists that we put on this website, or especially on every single post, are (bless god) that type of musicians who create music just for the love, the true dedication. whether we’re talkin’ about self-expression or devotement, this website provides only things on the music, neither about what a tosser did to another one, nor that famous artist xyz threw a booger on another famous artist uvw.

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we talked enough, we don’t want to go on, we’re still plannin’ & yet of course have to learn for exams over exams. so be sure to check out these artists on this chapter & of course the previous ones.

thank u. bye.

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finally. bye.

the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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