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12/15 – 12/22 (#FF012)

chapter 12 – fickle melodies

hello. it’s good to be back.

another week has passed, another week till two-fifteen. it’s not that we’re gettin’ whimsical or maudlin, more likely we’re still bedazzled of how fast a year can be over. there were the cozy stuff, the hilarious things, the unique moments, with ur auntie, uncle, drake, mayhem miller, or ur ferret. all these moments, these precious moments are ready to be told to ur friends, enemies, teachers, officers, whatever. we’re just here to extend the entry of the next chapter with platitudinous stuff, mostly because we dont care how formal an intro should look like. neither dont we care if we dont write in a grammatically right way nor if we only use slangs. this is not about the writing, it is about the music (please just try to make a mind-game, think about how kanye would say that, or whoever person u might choose with an awkward voice or prounounciation). back again to teh, sorry, teh, damn u autocorrect, the purpose of the blog, the presentation of music. chapter 12 – fickle melodies, here we go: (big whoooosh in the background)

1. Merek – 001

we start with 001 or zero-zero-one by merek. well first, merek, do u have a facebook page or twitter acc? because we did not find literally anything of u, how can the fans reach u besides ur soundcloud acc? if there is goin’ to be a page, do us a favor, the fans, the users, and tell us about it. thank you. oh yeah, the music, well, the description should be succinct & bold: we have here a merger of different genres in this track, mostly hiphop combined with r&b, some electronic elements, the chimes, claps, and so on and on. zero-zero-one is a perfect example of smoothness, it’s not too soft, not too hard, u don’t have to shake ur ass off, but if u do, u better should do it well, because this track is solid (as f***) and deserved to be treated well. merek, we support this, but please let us know if there is goin’ to be page or something. thank you.

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2. Mivf – Breath

we go on, and make a stop at mivf. sorry if u expected that we’re goin’ to write about dance music this week, but honestly we had to put this piece of pulchritude in our roster. ‘breath’ is yet another merger of ambient & garage music. the lush athmos, the serene melodies, the eerily-unique soundin’ hi-hats, and of course the significant garage-kicks. do u need more? no, keep it as simple as possible. because the simplicity is what levels up the beauty of ur song. the beauty that alleviates ur soul, the ears of ur dog, ur neighbor’s snake. mivf is a fellow ukrainian dude, livin’ straight in the capital of the country, kiew. if u check out mivf’s discography, u’ll see that this dude likes to experiment with different stuff, whereas we’re talkin about his elder productions or his newer ones. addin’ breath to ur roster was one of our easiest decisions ever in the history of the solar mountain ridge fairytale. be sure to check that track out, and everything else.

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3. Josh Pan – Thoughts On Death

‘thoughts on death’ is part of the recently released extended play named ‘pandora’s box’ by NYC-based producer josh pan. u might recognize the name, maybe from recent episodes we did. while probably checkin out his discography u may see the versatility of pan. this here is a smooth trip hop track combined with a beautiful piano-solo-loop (we guess, it was pan himself?), guitar-solos etc. some of us may think why did he use that name for that track, u’ll get the answer while checkin’ out his fanpage on facebook. he is one of those artists that are really feelin’ the music that they’re creatin, re-writin’ the events they had by usin’ melodies, to bring up the emotions that they had amid all this happenings. do us a favor, and check this out. fully supported & posted.

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4. Cold Fingers – Lingering Fingers

well we recently got a mail (ok not really recently, it was like one week ago) from jared from the nashville-based (?) duo cold fingers. they shared some stuff with us, from their ep named ‘old children’. first of, we would like to say thank u again jared, that u hitted us up with ur stuff. as we always mentioned, that literally everyone can send us some music to our box. if u did not find our email, it’s on our website, in the taskbar, on soundcloud & on facebook. ‘lingering fingers’ is a track to chill or to dance to. it’s ur decision, how u react. we love it, and that’s why we write about it. the track’s structure: it begins with an uncanny vox-solo (do u sing too, dear members of cold fingers?) which goes straight thru ur skin, where it stays until the song is over. then comes the break-down to the one of the most-grooviest basslines we ever heard.. this month, the period (?), well let’s say, month. we said enough, let the music do the rest. next one, please.

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5. .sinh – Love (feat. Natty Reeves)

while we make our last stop for today, we came to the conclusion, that all these tracks we have chosen for this episode, have quite the same tempo, we’re not sorry for that. why should we? back again to ‘love’ by amsterdam-based producer .sinh. first of, title selection? …perfect, track athmos? …perfect, track structure? …flawless perfect. whereas we’re talkin about the sax-loop, the guitars, the bass, whatever, this is so ludicrously good, bonobo would be proud of it. he would play it, definitely, besides all the other deejays on this galaxy. .sinhs discography mostly contains freebies, yieah, freebies. that means the kindness, the gentleness of this dude is beyond great. the track is mesmerizing we recommend u not to play that track often, because if u do, u’ll become an sinh-addict.

we would like to say a special thank u to lionel richie, without him it would be impossible to create this episode. check out these artists, we’re goin’ to expand our page, the announcements for that are comin’ soon. bye. c u.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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