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12/08 – 12/15 (#FF011)

chapter 11 – taciturn conundrum

we say hello again to u users, gooses, mooses, mongooses & bears. we’re here in the middle of woods, the center of nowhere, where obviously the strength of the internet connection should be below zero-point-zero percent, yet it works perfectly, there are no wi-fi raiders, no network scroungers nothing. we still ask ourselves why the hell we did not come earlier to this place of ubiquitous greeness, the peak, the apex of serenity? it could be because we love too much the trenchant frenzy of the metropolis, or the human mass, or mess. albeit, there are too many positive & more negative facts of bein’ part of any metropolis on this beautiful blue planet. back again to the main topic, the music. as we decided to postpone the flamboyant five series from sunday to monday, we had much time to peruse the net, lookin’ for krates containin’ futuristic diamonds, & skullheads. so here we go, we proudly present you chapter 11:

1. Zuper – Swing It Back

first stop. zuper-town. the sun is shinin’ – u’re chillin’ with ur friends right inside of the most beautiful spot of the world, the studio. u’re checkin out several soundcloud submissions, persuitin’ for the ‘perfect track’, the thing that turns ur shitty day into an halcyon day or should we say moment? because after one houndred-and-fifteen seconds, the halcyon moment is over, until u press again the play button (which let’s say, u’re obliged to?). u’re feelin coevally high, drunk, & sober, u’re united with the nature, all these feelings are overtakin ur ‘inner-u’. until the next houndred-and-fifteen seconds are over. all these thoughts, these feelings, the profanities after it was over, are goin’ to embrace u while checkin out ‘swing it back’ by zuper. gracias, carlos.

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2. Jesse James – 50’s Japan

50’s Japan by Jesse James is a track, which u probably have to add to ur iPod, ur windows media player ‘dj-set’, or ur quicktime favs. 50’s Japan is simple-amazeballs-hard-to-not-dance-to. luxembourg-based jesse james (cool name tho) did write this track for a significant reason, to spread some love, to share some sweet-good-old hip hop with his fans, non-fans, the world, places outside luxembourg, outside the net. we love it, we support it, u should donate something, u should do it. if u donate (click on the download button – which directs u automatically to his donation-page), u’ll get a full digital album from this guy. do us a favor, ur mum, ur dad, & check this out. thank u.

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3. Neitosama – ホワイト

stop 2. neitosamas ‘ホワイト’ (translated shiro? – translators where are u?). neitosama or samurai neito, is obviously japanese. if u would simply close ur eyes and listen to his productions, u’ll kinda remark the influences of the japanese culture, & the music. ‘ホワイト’ is an instrumental, which has not hide itself from trenchant productions by other artists. the eerily-good mixture of the melodies, merged with the kickdrum-bassline turns up the track-athmos into a whole new level. we would like to go onwith the description, but honestly we’re thinkin’ that the music speaks for itself. go check out neitosama, then ホワイト, then the other instrumentals.

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4. Alesia – Hyacinthus

stop number four. just some words to describe that track. due the fact that more would be needless: bold, trenchant arrangement, french, released on owsla, french, french, get it. salut.

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5. Redial – Work It Down

last track of the day – title: work it down. the first reaction was fuckin’ nuuuutttttsssss. redial, aka rob frier, aka mister ‘please-dont-catogorize-me-to-one-single-fuckin-genre’. redial, another artist comin’ straight from down-under (dood, forreal, we mean, forreal, is this ever goin’ to stop in the future? every single day, another musician from australia is popping out of the wide mass of artsy-fartsy-people from (let’s say that in that way) the other end of the world. another artist provin’ his ability that yet in this musicial crysis of unilateral basslines & melodies, there are still people out there, ‘wadin’ against this awkward pandemic. to describe the track precisely: it’s a midtempo track, combined with a catchy pile of melo-dramatic tones, mixed up to a cake of diversity. ‘work it down’, already supported by fellow people, such as porter robinson, has proven its potential, click by click.

we end up our weekly talkshow, and would like to say goodbye. meanwhile check out these guys. thank u. bye.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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