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11/24 – 12/01 (#FF009)

chapter 9.2. – rampant routine

hello. hello again.

we keep the thing short, because the fairytales were already told yesterday. so here we go with chapter 9.2., named rampant routine:

1. Losi – Noble

so, we first start with noble, which is a track by vancouver-based losi, released under the dutch label bitbird, as a freebie. a freebie. a freebie, go get it immediately. we’re not goin’ to make a dull description, because this production is ludicrously good, coevally tawdry & aloof, black & white, acrid & sweet, nah better said, bittersweet. it’s like a venom, which is strivin’ thru ur body, and it’s not that u don’t have an antidote, a serum for it, u as the venomed person, don’t want to induce it to urself, because that poison let u wantonly dance & sneer to the influx of melodies. checkin’ out the first seconds, u’ll remark that eerily soundin’ kiddo, unintelligibly mutterin’ things in djibberish, then comes the break-down, the rest is history. dude, go immediately to his site.

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2. Blue Hawaii – Try To Be (Gullen Rework)

next stop, gullens rework of ‘try to be’ by blue hawaii. what makes the song so good to be part of chapter 9.2.? is it the serene atmos that is induced by the uncanny-seraphic voice? or the sooth-alleviate amalgamation of kicks, drums, guitar-solo-loops? no, dude, it’s the simplicity. do u hear any kind of complex-awkward-soundin n64-snes synths that are build in nearly every single future-bass-house release the previous months? yet again, no. it’s not that we dissent these gameboy-sounds, it’s just they have been over-used, abused too much. back again to barcelona-based gullen, ‘try to be’ got our support, our love, our vigilance. go stalk him.

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3. Young Fathers – Soon Come Soon

‘soon come soon’ is a track by young fathers, which teases u how good the next anticipated long play is goin’ to sound like. whether we’re talking about the ‘dead’ or ‘tape two’, ‘soon come soon’ let u wait for the new release in pure agony. to make a little description, the track itself is basically a filthy one, a raucously sounding song, the lyrics are mesmerizing u, tantalizing ur thoughts, controllin’ ur body. approved, loved, supported, posted. thank u.

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4. Coldplay – Atlas (Josiah. Piano Cover)

we keep chasin’ different soundin’ artists, and we found the diversity in josiah. josiah? did we not already put him in a previous story about the diversity of electronic music nowadays? well yeah, but hey we’re not abidin’ any kind of policies, or self-made rules, so fuck it. it’s time to get back to the music. josiah, oh we’re so glad that we found u. albeit he is not really the only guy who is doin’ piano covers of tracks by famous singers, bands, robots, whatever. we do have people like evan duffy, who showed us the way, that even classic music can ‘survive’ in this place where electronic music is dominatin’ our galaxy, oppressin’ the creativity & the versatility. yet, josiah has showed us: hey, eventhough the margin in this sector is really small for soundin’ different, i kinda made pieces that are worth to give a shot. this medley of the tracks by coldplay shows u the ability, the knack of this piano-prodigy. we’re goin’ to follow his path, to talk about new releases by him & just to keep u updated.

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5. Human Movement – To Be

last section of chapter 9.2., and this here is straight fire from down under (should we say, again?, hmmm, ok, again). ‘to be or not to be is the question’, written once in one of the most famous stories our literature history. ‘to be’ is a dank-clammy electro track created by human movement, the track itself kinda reminds u of a merger between boddika, brodinski & pleasurekraft. some may say gesaffelstein, we actually don’t, besides that we stop with the comparisation, because human movement define themselves with an own sound, an own way of production, we love the eclipse that is surroudin the atmos of song, the eclipse makes it unique, and not to be a part of the pile of unilateralism.

we like to say bye again, for this week. arrivederci, amici.

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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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