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11/10 – 11/17 (#FF007)

chapter 7 – expedient convention

hello. こんにちは!

the last week, we were back again on the road. alas, it was a short roadtrip. but we were able in the short time, to collect, to amass, to gather so much specialities from one convention, that we decided to write five of these down, and present it to the audience. enough talk, let’s start the presentation.

1. Barney Khan – Apakon

we start the convention with a production by barney khan. barney khan? sounds like a merger of barney stinson and aga khan. maybe we did hit the nail with this association & maybe we did not. who cares? it’s not about names, it is about the music. released on the berlin-based label ‘bis bald records’ (cool name tho), u can really hear the influences of the german metropolis, both in musical and cultural way. combinin’ hihats with a blunt bassline & addin’ some nonchalant synths, which are strivin’ through ur ear-drums, doin’ nothing than initiatin’ an tremble in it, u can literally feel the track in urself, or better said through ur head, middle ear, every single orifice u can slightly imagine. we go on, but before, buy some cheese cakes from barney khan, dude.

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2. Nello Furtado – Promiscuous (Arma Edit)

next stop, london baked beans booth managed by arma. normally we would say, please go on, if u really dont like to eat some beans. but here, u have to make an exception. why? never ask us why, just simply do it. take a nip of arma’s speciality, his promiscuous beans. (no we’re not goin’ to stop describin’ every single track like food). by takin’ a nip, even though u can taste the original recipe by nelly, it is still an own creation, a new version to present u something already known in a different way. we love it, we appreciate it, we eat it, we buy it, u should appreciate it, u should eat or hear it, u should buy it. thank u arma, till the next time.

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3. Lovewithme – Findingsolaceinthedark

third stop, lovewithme’s stand. the name stands for the stand, because everything u get there is made with love. the cakes, the biscuits, the (fillinsomethingelsecuzweweretoolazytoaddsomethingelse) . we love the combination of sombre cowberry basslines with eerily-bright acapella-cranberries. it’s the combination that makes his findinsolaceinthedark-delicacy unique. it’s the perfect settin’ between these ingredients, that forces u to eat more & more & more, we would like to stay here forever, but we have to go on. check out lovewithme’s stand.

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4. Prie – Had It All (feat. Kwalified)

penultimate stand for this day, prie’s honolulu booth. what can we expect here? kickass-hiphop steaks, dude. by checkin’ out his ‘had it all xxl steak’, u’ll get in love with his creations. hearin’ for the first the track, it turns u automatically in a good damn mood, u’ll be a fan, a supporter, an eternal customer. prie stands for customer satisfaction, an increasin’ rate of clients, the more he produces, the more he’ll get the deserved recognition & appreciation.

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5. Hisanova – If I Could Love You

last stop, hisanova sushi bar. some may like it, some may dissent it. we like it, because his creations are different. tokyo-based hisanova is hiphop beatmaker-sushimaster, combin’ jazz-sashimi elements with hip hop-maki, trip hop-teriyaki. u really get in the mood of stayin’ here for a longer period. we would recommend u many of his creations, because most of them distinguish themselves from each other, so it was actually a tough decision to make, which one we would add to our convention-favs. ‘if i could love u’, ‘on & on’, ‘mathematics’, the list can go on and on. we say good bye, and we’ll see u the next time, meanwhile go grab some prie-steaks, hisanova-teriyaki, arma-beans, barney khan-cheese cakes or lovewithme delicacies.


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the end of the tale, but not of this book.

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