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11/03 – 11/10 (#FF006)

chapter 6.3. – salient frenzy

hi. it’s us again.

we’re not goin’ to be garrulous (as usual) here, due the lack of the time. instead we’re startin’ right now with chapter 6.3, named salient frenzy.

1. Shlohmo – StickUpKid (Fresing Flip)

fresing recently dropped a flip (for those ones, who may not recognize that term, it stands for bootleg-reinterpretation-rebirth-remix, call it whatever u want, pal) of ‘stickupkid’ by shlohmo for free. checkin’ out the freebie, u may recognize the evolvement of soothy-sinister vox-chops, embraced by a justice-esque-way of sounding by addin’ significant kicks, drums, and french-bass-esque synths. honestly, it’s not only for those ones who appreciate that kind of music, also some of u, who probably never wanted to hear that type, or even hated it, would definitely take a sip of fresing-sap, that’s for sure. callin’ his own productions as overcast suburbia soundtracks, u definitely catch a glimpse, fetch the idea, why he took that meaning. and even if not, it’s not the end of world. merci beaucoup, nous apprécions ça (no, we’re not goin’ to translate this).

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2. Mothell – She Is Sad, She Is Crying, She Is Mine

andrea ragusa & marco monti, known under the alias mothell, are one of these duos, that u may not categorize, addin’ them to specific roster of artists, who producin’ type ‘a’ or type ‘b’ music. due their versatility, this duo from milan, italy deserved to call themselves artists. it’s the versatility that starts a ruckus, it’s their creativity that impedes the altercation and turns it into alleviative hush. ‘she is sad, she is crying, she is mine‘ is a perfect example for showin’ u, dear user, what we tried to explain by showin’ an epitome, an epiphany embraced by metaphors. we would like to finish up this part of the tale, by usin’ a well-known statement in italy, and amend it a little bit:

nella vita, nel’ gioco e nell’arte, anche l’orecchio vuole la sua parte. grazie mille, mothell.

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3. Zuri Akoko – Hollow

next stop, down-under. we came by to visit a zuri akoko show. why? normally we should tell u at least five reasons, why everyone should do that, we make an exception, by addin another one.
one: not only that zuri is a producer, she also works as a vocalist.
two: not only that zuri is a vocalist, she also works as a lyricist.
three: zuri akoko is one of those artists from down under, who can distinguish herself from the redundant producing-style pile named ‘future-future-bass-house’.
four: zuri akoko is one of those artists, who is evolvin’ the style of production by unitin’ different genres into one.
five: zuri akoko is a female producer, which is good, because we need more girls in this tough business.
six: bacon is good.
real six: it’s her eerily-mitigative voice that heals ur arm, spine, fibula, soul, money issues.

check her out dude.

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4. Casso Clay – Casso (prod. by Dante)

where did this dude come from? he literally came from the middle of nowhere of the net. the style, the lyrics, the atmos, ur ears, ur neighbor’s ears, they’re goin’ to live happily together after u play a casso clay track out of ur laptop-boxes. ok, by checkin his twitter acc, we fetched some infos: the name: obviously casso clay. where does he come from? soundcloud says: london, twitter says: sheffield. his style of rapping? coevally kickass and chilled. his tracks? soundcloud only shows one, which is bad, because we need more of this. casso is perfect example of hip hop in the twenty-first century, usin’ a piano-solo as a loop, puttin’ the tempo on eighty-five beats per minute, addin’ kicks, hats, claps, u don’t need more things in this soup, because that would make it complex. simplicity always beats complexity. that’s it. btw, if someone knows the page of the producer dante, we would be really grateful.

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5. Great Skies – Closer (feat. Context) (Intro)

london-based ambient dance producer ‘great skies’ released an extended play, named coconut dreams a couple of months ago, to be exactly: 06/30/2014. thanks to the network, named facebook, we ‘accidentally’ came by this precious piece of music.

accidents, sometimes they end really bad, and sometimes they turn the problems into the most trivial things in ur life.

take a look closer to the coconut dreams. the utopia created by this mini-album is an unfathomable beauty, a realm of happiness & jauntiness. a realm, where also darkness can exist, but a darkness which cannot harm the balance of its nature. take a look closer to the track ‘closer’, the intro, the presentation of the coconut dreams. initiatin’ the utopia by that track, u can really feel the amalgamation of a lyrical eclipse & a light full of lush synths & kicks. we invite, no, we literally force to make a stop here. it’s worth it. u dont have to thank us, u should thank great skies, thank his dedication to music production.

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the end of the tale, but not of the book.

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