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10/27 – 11/03 (#FF005)

chapter 5.1.1. – the idiosyncrasy

bom dia. what a really good day.

today is the first weekend of november, most of us (obv. men) challenged themselves by not shavin’ their beards for the whole month. november, no shave november, movember. besides that kind of idiosyncrasy of men, plenty of releases are gettin out day per day, startin with salva’s freebie long play on his webpage named ‘peacemaker’, followed by rl grime’s long anticipated album ‘the void’, baauers’ ‘ß’, taylor swifts ‘1989’ (whooops, wrong month). to say it bluntly, it is one of the most productive periods of the year, for all of us, the musicians, the video-graphers, the bloggers, the house-wives, the police officers.
eventhough we were busy as hell (bless the school, the work, the tedium), we were still able to collect enough data, to go on with our cyber tale, digital fable, whatever. we would like to start to tell u the story of chapter 5.1.1.

1. Black Monday – Pretend

we would like to start the itinerary of the flamboyant five tale, by showin’ u an artist, which u probably never heard about. LA-based producer ‘black monday’ (dude, the name is damn good to remember) released couple of days ago, his future-bass-hip-hop-electronic-whatever-genre-u-would-like-to-call-it instrumental named ‘pretend’. startin’ the track with an amalgamation of synths-snares-kicks-drums, the song ties u, dear listener, to stay on his good-damn page, pressin’ play over and over again, to create some kind of ‘play-button-abuse’. combinin’ the future-bass-esque soundin’ with a piano-solo let everyone’s heart melt into a pile of liquid-materials. we approve this, we support this, get this for free, go follow him, listen to his other productions, die in unfathomable happiness.

follow black monday:

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2. LigOne – Complete

we go on, and make a stop at ligOne’s complete bar (they really do serve good drinks, tbh). besides, guys, we do have here a champion as the chef bartender. a champion, a master-class deejay, entertainer, artist, to be clear, ligOne is a former dmc champion (year two-ten), so please show some love, respect to his alias & his persona. back to his complete-whiskey-cola-drink, or tune, we would like to recommend u to come by, and take a sip of his speciality. the sound so mesmerizing yet refreshing, makes u a fan of his drinks. addin’ by ‘vox-acapella-chops-of-spearmint’, u’re goin’ to order another complete-whiskey-cola, another, followed by another, then orderin’ it twice, three times, until u take a nap due to ur drunkness. do us a favor, do him a favor, come by, and take a sip.

follow ligone:

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3. Smoovchill – 3 am (prod. Chill Chap)

next stop, smoovchills ‘3am’ shop. the place where u can hang out, without botherin’ anyone else’ privacy. blunt description: 3 am is a track which was produced by us-based producer chill chap. smoovchills, the limitless speaker added his voice to this classy hip-hop track, which reminds u about the time where biggie or tupac were the ish. smoovchills also known for his productions, provides a big variety on his artist page. if u want to chill for a while, go on his page, press wantonly on one of his tracks, and let music influence u and ur environment. full-support, full approval, go check him out.

follow smoovchill:

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follow chill chap:

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4. Gorilla Zoe – Hood Nigga (Deffie Version)

penultimate stop, deffie’s hood. LA-based mike perry, mostly known under his alias ‘deffie’, recently (ok, we cannot say recently anymore, because he dropped this bootleg nearly two months ago lol) released a re-interpretation of gorilla zoe’s hood nigga. takin’ the first sip of the deffie sap turns u into an addict. his concept, the flow, the atmos, everything fits together. it is one of those tracks, to which u coevally can ‘hang out’ & ‘dance’. we’re pleased to write about this, to present u by these kind of postings the precious variety of music.
deffie, we love ur style, we love ur music, we want more of this. please, for god sake, for snoop’s sake, for our neighbour’s sake, make us happy.

follow deffie:

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5. Jaymes Young – Moondust (Luchana Shaw Vocal Cover)

the last stop, the end station. guys, we’re at a place u probably never have been. the seraph avenue. the place of angels. angels? yeah, they really do exist. sometimes not in the form u probably think of (wings of endless whiteness, covered in an eerily-bright halo), sometimes it’s only one thing of a person, that lets u think about an angel, the appearance, the behavior, the personality, the voice. listenin’ to that cover of jaymes young ‘moondust’ by london-based singer-instrumentalist-composer luchana shaw let’s u forget about the trivialness of ur problems, this piece of art, (we don’t wanna call it music, because that would be insufficient), brings up emotions, u probably never felt in ur whole life. the voice hypnotizes u, it takes u to a place, where only angels can be, the atmosphere so lush, the feeling so immeasurable. callin’ her compositions as ‘contemporary r&b’, luchana did something extraordinary, only by usin’ her voice. we hope to see more of this in the future.

follow luchana shaw:

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the end of the tale, but not of the book.

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