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10/20 – 10/27 (#FF004)


chapter 4.2 – the jauntiness.

chapter 4.2. starts where 4.1. ends. we were roaming around the dank-frenzied-nefarious area named urbs berlinus, aka berlin, the capital of germany. while we were literally ‘fucked up’, due the unavailability of a working network, we had to postpone our story-tellin of the solar mountain ridge tale to this day, which is quite the (to say it bluntly) most useless day of the week iov. but still, as individuals, as human beings, as living things, we have to appreciate every single day the dear lord donates us, to persuit our dreams, to catch a glimpse about purposes and the sense of live. to look for the silver lining, to eat bacon, we can actually go on and on, but we have to present u, dear user, the revealed pièces d’arte. so we proudly start to tell the tale of chapter 4.2., things that matter in life, like the jauntiness.

1. Jeff Sontag – Don’t Say You Love Me (Rubee Rayne Cover)

jeff sontag, a LA-based producer, made an re-interpretation of california-based singer rubee rayne’s track ‘dsylm’ to create something which shows u the potential of his mind, and his ability to show the audience by tellin them ‘hey, check this bootleg of that ludicriously good song, u wont regret it’, which indeed u wont. if u compare the ‘original’ with his re-interpretation, u can feel the deepness, the sedation, the mourning, the anguish. it’s like u inhale and exhale the smell of backin’ cupcakes, the aroma of brewed coffee, the thai-soup of the chinese restaurant, which is nearby ur livin’ area. sontag’ ambient-esque re-interpretation of the so called ‘nu-pop’ track by rayne initiate something in ur mind, to think about, to figure about the meaning of love, to immerse urself in the steam of love, to love and to be loved. that’s why he also ‘categorized’ this gargantua of deep-sedation to ‘self-immersion’. we have to catch him the next time in LA, because we love it, we like it, we support it, without condition.

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2. Brave – Real Love

u might recognize the name ‘brave’ from previous tales we told u. this time, our buddy from down-under sent us his next creation directly to our castle of preciousness. we don’t know if we only should share u the soundcloud-link, the more we would like to present u the video-concept of ‘real love’ (still insufficient amounts of views tbh), created by brave and his team. did we actually ever confess that we LOVE how good the music (besides all that junk) is evolving itself? for real, we love it, we definitely tell a tale about it, because we, the people, the audience, arnold schwarzenegger & ur auntie need it. hearin’ & seein’ the track & the video simultaneously is a MUST-DO. the track itself remembers u of a merger of lorde-esque productions (thank to that dominant drum-loop) & influences from all over world, but still it can be seen as a ‘brave-product’ (the only brave, there is no one else, thank god). people, send us more of it. thank u.

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3. Jengi Beats – I Got It

jan berendsen from the netherlands, quite known under his alias named ‘jengi beats’ recently dropped this track on his soundcloud-acc (link is below), named ‘i got it’. checkin’ it out, it kinda reminds u that the mighty mr.carmack (the carmack, mister honolulu, …) made a collaboration with diversa. but still we stop comparin’ him to those guys, because it would be disrepectful. it’s a classical beat, some vox-samples were built-in, but it does not get odd after u hear it for the second, for the thousand or for the billion time.
dear user, we recommend u to check out this and his other productions, there are hidden easter eggs which u have to find.

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4. Sterio – Higher

higggheeer, higgggher, higggheerrrerrerrr. we have a catchy song here. higggherrr, higggher, higherrrrr. as u probably may remark it already, the track which we are presenting u right now, is named ‘higher’, or based on the vox-acapella named also ‘higggghhheeerrrr’. cologne-based producer sterio (hell, how did we miss that guy, uggggh) released this catchy tune over the record-label ‘jakarta records’ as a freebie-extended play. just to say it again, a freebie extended-play. we force u indirectly to think about, downloading this epitome of beauteousness (thank u science). while checkin out the ep, especially this a-level production, the vox acapella and the addition of the drums, snares & synths makes u think about how ludicrously good music production can be nowadays. (the official last time, we promise for today) the acapella brings up emotions about the time, when we were really deep inside of the musical utopia of mister moby, moby (the official last time, we promise for today) .

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5. Josh Pan – 212 (feat. BNJMN)

no words to tell, just a simple meme to show u what have to expect by clickin’ on play, dude.


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the end of the tale, but not of the book.

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