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10/13 – 10/20 (#FF003)


next week, next fairytale. here is the tale of the flamboyant five for 10/13-10/20: long long time ago, there was a tourist, waitin’ for his flight back home. the flight had a delay, so he had to wait for hours embossed by tedium, idiosyncrasy. since it was not the first time that this ‘maldita puta’ happened, he asked the dear lorde the same question over and over again: ‘what about me?’ the end. probably.

1. Tourist – Wait

we like to add the track ‘wait’ to the roster by the london-based producer tourist. that guy, mostly known for his soothy-utopian style of production, has shown a great ability of variety the past months. since his ‘patterns ep’ released six months ago, the ‘tourist’ spent his time by writin’ remixes and bootlegs for artists, such as london grammar. comin’ back again to the track, we have to say that this is one of those tracks, u can either hear on a long-long walk to home in autumn times or if u want to calm ‘the fuck’ down. if u want to describe an artist by one song, it is goin’ to be tough time dude. albeit ‘wait’ totally hits the nail, because u can really hear that tourist-esque sounding. mergin’ piano-melodies-icecream with 2steppy-garage-peanuts really defines the ‘music of 2014′. so we’re still askin us, is that a sneak-peak to a new extended play or even long play? or is this just a little teaser to nothing? we’re pleased to update u about it in time.

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2. Brave – What About Me?

since the beginnin’ of this year, many many artists came up from ‘down under’, most of them were ‘those future sound kids’. ‘future bass’, ‘future house’, ‘future’ did the kids call all of their productions. so honestly, it is a really tough job to find a difference between all these productions, because (no offense to none of you, it’s a tough job to create this kind of music, and a nearly impossble task to create his/her own sounding) all of those tracks, bootlegs, remixes, re-creations do have the same intro, same build up, same bridge, same drop, same bassline. people are already startin’ to amend the dull statement ‘sounds like skrillex’ (mostly found on a gargantuan network on youtube, starting with the letter ‘u’) to ‘mehhh soundz leik flume or flerm’. the sydney-based producer-writer-singer brave did something different (thank god). callin’ his style as neo-soul, it really distinguishes itself from the mass of productions from the beautiful place called australia. startin’ the track with a piano-solo, then addin’ the trip-hoppish bassline, and his distinctive voice obliges u, dear user, to download this piece and put it on ur god-damn jukebox. we would like to say that by hearin’ this, is like when massive attack meets dj shadow (they actually should do something together tbh). enough talk, go check him out.

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3. Theophilus London – Do Girls (prod. by Cid Rim & Theophilus London)

while writin’ this entry, we came to the conclusion: ‘do we really need to introduce theophilus london to the audience nowadays?’ actually not really. theophilus, obviously not from london, is a new-york based artist (callin’ him only a producer or writer makes this post as dull as peanut-jelly combined with sparkling water) recently announced his second long play, after his last and first one ‘timez are weird these days’. comin’ out on 11/4, teasin’ us with ‘tribe’ (feat the mighty jesse boykins iii), the artist teased us again by uploadin’ the next piece of the album, named ‘do girls’. this one is written-produced by the austrian-based producer cid rim (we really love him btw) and philus himself. the long anticipated album is goin’ to be one of the best albums of the whole year, believe it or not. if not, please do us a favor, urself, ur neighbors, the police officers standin’ infront of ur door, bill gates, ur mum, and check this kickass hiphopish song. thank us later.

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4. K9 & Visionist – Untouchable

we strongly refuse to write about this. dude, please, simply check it out. if not, die in fire.


we like to finish up this sunday tale by addin’ the london-based duo named ‘funktionslust’ to the roster. by hearin’ the ‘dots’ tune for the first time, we were forced to add it to the playlist. why? is it because of the perfect amalgamation of the male and female vox? is it because of the sinister-soothy piece of art they created together? or is it because there is no reasonable point to criticize? but what kind of genre is that? is it a combination of electronic and ambient music? no, it’s just music, we actually dissent to define tracks by genres, because nowadays every song has its influences, from more like six different sounding ‘dzenrahs’. this duo is why we decided to create this site, to present the audience people who deserved the attention, people with such an originality, eventhough they’re still evolvin’ and definin’ themselves. we like to thank you funktionslust, we want more of this in the future.


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the end of the tale, but not of the book.

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