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10/06 – 10/13 (#FF002)


it’s been a good week. a long week. an outrageous one. long story short, here comes the flamboyant five for the week 10/06-10/13:

1.RL Grime – Core (Djemba’s ‘Selassie’ Bootleg)

djemba djemba, mostly known for his kickass bass originals and bootlegsremixes, has dropped this week a bootleg, which we would dedicate one, ehrm, two self-made poems:

roses are red,
violets are blue,
djemba djemba is a god,
and he is here to rape you.

we like trap,
we like bass,
djemba djemba’s bootleg kicks ass.

to say it blunt, to describe it with words other blogs, channels, whatever, he took that original, which rl grime dropped weeks ago from his long-awaited upcoming long play, to THE NEXT LEVEL. re-arrangin’, creatin’ transition ranges from one-sixty beats per minute, to one-fifty, to one-forty, usin’ that uncanny ‘mavado-sample’, he really created a piece of art, which is really mind-blowing. do us a favor, and check it out IMMEDIATELY:


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2. Hiatus – Precious Little

the track ‘precious little’, written and composed by the london-based producer ‘hiatus’ is indeed a special piece of dedication to the people of palestina. by buyin’ this track, all the money hiatus raised by it, directly goes to the MAP, which is the medical aid for palestinians, an organisation currently engaged in a humanitarian effort to help innocent people caught in a terrible crossfire. we definitely support this good deed by postin’ and sharin’ this track and its purpose. do us a favor, do hiatus a pleasure and please support the MAP.

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3. Wolf Saga – Always With Me (Francophilippe Remix)

we added the francophilippe remix of wolf saga’s ‘always with me’ to the comp. why? how trivial is that question? there is no significant reason not to add this remix in our rooster. those ones who always prefered that french-esque electronic music, should definitely check out this remix, and its creator, le créateur, as well. good for you, this one is even for ‘free’, go grab a copy of it.

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4. Gidge – I Fell In Love

the swedish duo ‘gidge’ recently released an album named ‘autumn bells’ on the berlin-based label ‘atomnation’. the album contains nine tracks, and is a merger of electronic, ambient, cinematic music. each of these distinguishes itself from the others. describin’ the feelings you would have, we would like to depict the created atmosphere by usin’ the terms ‘lush, serenity, jauntiness and bliss’. the lush is what we felt in love. the serenity is what distracted u from your stressed routine. the jauntiness is what made the ‘serious things in your life’ look trivial. the bliss is what u perceived by perusin’ the world of the autumn bells. i fell in love, we fell in love.

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5. London Grammar – Strong (Manila Killa Remix)

last but not least, we would like to finish up this week, by sharin’ this beauty. albeit many of us (for good-damn reasons) can not hear any kind of bootlegs, rebirths, remixes of any london grammar track (due the fact that each track on their lp ‘if you wait’ was remixed more than a million, or let’s stay, billion times, most of them were unbearable, ruined the track atmosphere, barfed on the arrangement), manila killa re-arranged the track ‘strong’, which is definitely not one of those trash-bootlegs. hearing it is like reading a never-ending fairytale, like watching a disney movie (one of the older ones, for god sake) with a happyhappy-ending, like eating bacon combined with marshmellows (dare you to letting us to start to describe the taste of this baleful combination). most of us would say: awwwwww, iz dat qttteeeee by readin’ its description for whom he wrote that.

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