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09/29 – 10/05 (#FF001)


1. dj shadow – six days (machinedrum remix)

while we still were writin’ down our concept on “how can we create something ‘looking good, interesting, simple’ in an overcrowded place of the universe named ‘planet we-are-here-to-broadcast-the-freshest-stuff-present-the-ouups-and-awwwwws-of-people-u-need-to-know’, we always came to the solution we should not makin’ things complicated. we always loved to ‘KISS’ anything we’re posting about, to “keep it simple and short”, that’s what ‘kiss’-in is about (isn’t that obvious?). so while we were still in progressin’ the idea, that remix which was created by the brooklyn-based producer machinedrum, actually a well-known name in the music-industry, mysteriously appeared every single time when we were perusin’ the internet for inspirations. kinda spooky. fathomable concept, simple, and yet so catchy, machinedrum created his “own” thing with the stems. after dj shadow aka ‘mister-either-you-dissent-my-music-or-totally-dig-it’ asked him for his upcomin’ ‘liquid amber ep’ for doin’ him a favor by re-interpretin’ his famous track ‘six days’, he simply turned it into a jungle-bass-hybrid-mezcla, which u would definitely play at every single party. enough told. check it out.

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2. clams casino – i’m god (p-80 footwork refix)

hearin’ the name ‘clams casino’, most of us get goose-pimples (hell goose-bumps). why? because it is one of the most beautiful creations ever made by someone out there. the original let u forget about everything, the stress of ur daily routine, the dispute u had with ur partner, the trivialness of ur life, the nonchalance of ur neighbors, the list can go on and on, and it still would not describe how uncanny catchy the track can be. but creatin’ a re-interpretation, bootleg, refix, remix, rebirth, whatever …, is a tough job nowadays. the list of disappointments for that is endless, there are tons of re-creations of unique tracks, that were either poorly done or the re-interpreter made a total disaster, a piece of pure agony and anguish for ur ears and ur neighbors. the producer named ‘p-80’ picked this ‘nearly unremixable’ and presented a unique reinterpretation of ‘i’m god’. by changin’ the tempo on one-hundred-sixty beats per minute, addin’ the typical elements of the footwork genre (some of us may call it ‘juke’ too), he did a really good job. yet to be blunt, some of us may hate, dissent this guy for creatin’ this, because (only god knows the reason) .

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3. oskar schuster – fjarlægur

we would like to go further, by not only sharin’ electronic music, also some classic tunes. this time we would like to present u the berlin-based composer ‘oskar schuster’. hearin’ through his library, u can definitely see some resemblances to yann tiersen, frederic chopin or ludovico einaudi. but actually we hate to describe artists by comparin’ them to other ones. every single artist distinguishes himself/herself from others. some of us may call him a ‘german yann tiersen’, but we would not. to describe his way of composition is nearly impossible by one sole adjective. it needs more than that. oskar schuster merges classic with experimental electronic music (such as sigur rós). melancholia, happiness, nostalgia are those words which could fit in the description of this musical persona.

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4. gold falls – frost (electrohertz~ lush edit)

the edit of the gold falls track ‘frost’ is sure one of those tracks, which u would never ban from ur ipod. hearin’ the track is like roamin’ around the beach, in the forest, or even in the most overcrowded sites in the urban area. describin’ the feeling u have while listenin’ is unfathomable, inaccessible. it goes through ur body, infect u with eerily hush, and goes out when it ends. it’s the remedy, which u need for a flu, it’s the bottle of wine, which impeccably fits to ur diner, it is the song, which u hear every single time when u’re spendin’ time with ur loved ones.

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5. dom mclennon – rhythm 0

to sum it up, we would like to present the artist ‘dom mclennon’ and his ‘thesis lp’, which was released couple of months ago. for first, it just looks like another long play created for a upcomin’ song-writer, rapper. but if u would look closely, u would probably recognize his style of accentuation of his rhymes. describin’ his thesis lp as a ‘multimedia endeavor’, it sure is one of the most underrated pieces of production we’ve ever seen and heard. callin’ his style of production as ‘transcendental hip hop’, it can distinct itself from other artists’ productions. it sure was a hard decision for us to pick just one track of the lp, so we decided to pick ‘rhythm 0′, which is a fundamental one. samplin’ woodkid’s stabat mater, by addin’ some badass percussions, and kickdrums, mclennon created a piece of music, which u would not expect.

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