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flamboyant five

Solar’s section of weekly discoveries.

With the concentration on pieces that we have stumbled over the last months, this series high lights 5 of them.

By describing the emotions we felt, the sound layers that stimulated our ear drums & also to try to convey the artistic concept behind each of them, the Flamboyant Five-anthology is really something important we’d like to share with you and you.

As every episode shall be something for its own, we amended the schedule that was primarily set to be on a weekly base.

With the focus on its uniqueness, we’d like to give beloved friends, artisans, individuals groups & labels, the opportunity by letting them be hosts of some of the newest episodes.

By saying that, we’d like to invite you to keep an eye on future releases & publications.

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666

The end of the tale, but not of this book