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10/19 – 10/26 (#FF045)

#ff045: after life, after party

1.Super Sen – 8000oz to Freedom

so let’s start to talk about versatility. while we stumbled on the soundcloud page of this buddy here, the first thought was definitely that he knows to create diverse-sounding music. the german beatmaker, named ‘super sen’ & his track ‘8000oz to freedom’ definitely shows a legit example of ‘versatility’. whether we’re talking about the eerie-yet-catchy synth-composition, the first-rough-but-then-melty kickdrum-setting or the whole concept in general, this producer created something trenchant & inspiring. being available on the ‘beatmaker session vol.1’ compilation by the austrian collective ‘smart:guns’, you can get a copy from this track & 15 other solipsistic compositions from a panoply of upcoming artists. feel free to check his other releases & demos, give the smart:guns collective a shout-out & let the ‘knack’ of ‘super sen’ embrace you.

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2.Eoae – Senesou

as we have talked about upcoming artists from the country of birth of my colleague (austria), we also made a stop at the soundcloud-site of ‘eoae’ (pronounced: ‘ee-oo-aa-ee’). the viennese producer & beatmaker has released an ep named ‘yayo’ some months ago, which we ‘unfortunately’ just discovered some moments ago. ‘yayo’, a creation with influences from places all over the world, is definitely something, what we can call ‘experimental’, due its uncanny concept of sounds, rhythms & tempos. ‘senesou’ is part of that ep & let you know about an original way of creativity. well first of, you might feel a little bit irritated by the very deep-sounding vox-acapella, but with the time passing by, you’ll recognize that this might be a significant part of the puzzle. feel free to check him out, check ‘eoae’ soundcloud & give him a like on facebook.

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3.Diversity of Silence – Lorn

next song is by someone who has recently contacted us to inform about his newest release. ‘lorn’, a song by german producer ‘diversity of silence’ is something, which we like to listen quite often. due its atmospheric way of sounding, created by the ambient-esque melo-composition, the lush guitar-sample or the sooth bassline, the song is going to get your attention immediately. as we speak, the track can be called a trigger for reminiscing about something, or just be seen as a nice background music while writing, creating or painting a piece of art. being available as a freebie on the site of the bonn-based producer, you can get your copy as soon as possible. we’re getting more pleased from release to release & pretty sure that this might be not the apex of this uprising downtempo, ambient artist.

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4.The Weeknd – The Hills (Sarah de Warren Cover)

song covers are not uncommon nowadays. since ages, there has been covers by uprising artists, superstars or just people like you & me. covers, reinterpretations, remixes, they’re all the same: a reinterpretation, a different angle of vision from a person from a different country. and it’s always quite interesting to see covers from famous songs, such as ‘the hills’ by the canadian musician abel tesfaye, known under his alias ‘the weeknd’. covered by the uk-based singer-songwriter ‘sarah de warren’, you can see that a cover might not need so many elements to leave its mark on somebody. sometimes a cover can be impeccable, if there is just the voice of the singer & a piano as the playback-instrument. as we have seen the info about the release, we were interested about the style of reinterpretation. so we did, what we have to do & we were definitely happy with our decision. from the beginning till its end, sarah’s seraphic voice will follow you & stick in your eardrums for ages. seraphic, angelic, precious, there might be not enough words to describe the cover.

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5.Rustica – Solaris

‘solaris’ is the last track on this part of the series. being produced by the london-based producer ‘rustica’, you’re going to listen to a palette of harmonic synths & trenchant futuristic basslines. ‘solaris’ is part of rustica’s recently released ep ‘lost religion’ on the british netlabel ‘city of lights’, where you can get your copy of it by a small fee of money. what you’re going to expect is a piece of contagious creativity. whether we’re talking about tenacious future garage tracks, harmonic pieces of ambient music or flabbergasting 2step compositions, the ‘lost religion’-ep might be the thing you were looking for. and as we speak about ‘solaris’, you can get an impression of the album. the catchy intro, with its lumina-tic bells, the profound transition to the main part by the flawless symbiosis between vox acapellas, fx’s, melody & the shattering bassline, all these elements made our decision for this chapter pretty easy. a big shoutout to ‘rustica’ & the label behind the release: ‘city of lights’.

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be sure to check all the updates of the artists, their posts on facebook, like their pictures on twitter, give them a follow, a hug to their labels & don’t forget to eat some vegetables. ok bye.

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