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artsy-fartsy ish

Solar’s region of having bedazzling moments.

An idea of the evolvement of this site was that we would go further, beyond the concept of being a blog.

With this in our minds, we decided to finally make this step, refresh the whole Solar-notion & go after what we think will be our new route.

With a whole selection of series which a focus on different subjects of the art-section, we’d like to say Hi to the main-anthology, named Artsy-Fartsy Ish.

As you can already guess what stands behind the name, what you’re going to see, in periods, newest portfolios filled with pictures (also named Lurid Photos) that collides with the Solar Realm of music .

Another area, named Eluded Videos, will concentrate itself on short video-clips that merge videography with music from any section that you can imagine.

Final part of this addition will be a concentration of a diminishing style of self-expression that tends to be around for centuries. You guessed it right, it is poetry which we’re referring to. By naming it Petulant Poems, we’ll be sharing poems & lyrical clusters that we have written.

With the announcements of each section, we want you to keep an eye on them, so that you won’t any updates.

Till soonish!

The Solar Team.

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Artwork made by SAL666

The end of the tale, but not of this book