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hello. this is just another site. with colored sloths and ferrets. we like music, we dissent fashion, we despise cucumbers, but we’re going to write about it. someday.

Hello. My name is Sherwin & welcome to our siteAs you’re trying to figure out the meaning behind the title in the header, we will make it easier for you by presenting the concept behind Solar Mountain Ridge with a quick Q/A:

Q: Who are you?                                                                                                                          

A: Just a boy & a girl, who decided to create this site for primarily sharing some love for the music.

Q: How did you come up with the name?                                                                                  

A: Honestly, we actually do not really remember how we did come up with it. It has been maybe a sheer coincidence that guided us to this creation. What I can say is that from the first moment until now, it is still a sticky combination between these three words.

Q: What is the meaning behind Solar Mountain Ridge?                                                          

A: After 3 years, where we initiated the site & trying to expanding our horizons musically & personally, we can say that the primary purpose of the Solar-Site still didn’t change, which is in this case: the love & dedication to music. So, the meaning might be that we love to sugar-coat your day with aural atmospheres that did ours.

Q: What differs the site from other music sites?                                                                      

A: The nomination, yet again. As we mostly see ourselves as a hybrid between a platform, a blog & a community, the usage of the term Music-Site would make the love & work that we put in here less meaningful.        

Q: Why do you prefer to use the word hybrid while describing the concept of site?     

A: We personally believe that the word impeccably describes what we do. While uploading pieces from artists on our Soundcloud-profile, we do serve as a platform. Or, if we’re publishing a new article about our latest discoveries during our last venture, we do the blogging-part. By collaborating with artists, blogs, site & labels from any spot in the world you can imagine, we as the founders, also do community-work.

Q: Another reason to visit                                                          

A: As there are a gargantuan amount of sites whose focus is on the same points as our’s, we’d like to accentuate that what differs our’s to other sites is the personal touch. As our team have only 2 members right now, it’s the personal contact that makes a website that you should visit. Especially, as an aspiring artist, whose goals is to finally make the next step by getting the deserved recognition & praise, we, as art aficionados, do like to try our best to help out.

Q: Tell us more about the features that the site offers?                                                         

A: There is a broad variety of features, series & sub-series that we offer to anybody out there. The classical ones, like Flamboyant Five, the newest ones, like Salient Releases, but also many other concepts that we’d like to introduce to you pretty soonish. There might be definitely more to tell, but if we do, would do you still check out the site? We doubt that 😉.

Q: To sum up that, would you mind to use 3 terms that describe the site in the most adequate way?                                                                                                                              
A: Personal, Exclusive & Open-Minded.

Q: Which guides us to the next question, what can we expect in the future?          

A: As we discovered our love for working in a community, what we’re going to do is to put the focus on the newest additions of the site on this section. An idea is that we’re going to have mind collisions with beloved handicrafter, label founders & the mere man, who just love to play the guitar. But more about that in the near future.

Q: Something else that you’d like to say?                                                                          

A: Make sure to be updated by subscribing to our channels on Social Media or be in touch with the latest publications on our website. There are some intriguing collaborations coming up that sure are something that you need to listen to.

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Solar Mountain Ridge – A site that primarily was created for the sole purpose of sharing tracks on Soundcloud,  has been founded 3 years ago.

With the time passing by, the founders decided to go further by showing the meaning behind being an artist. With the introduction of series, where they accentuate the daily struggles of a creative being, they also would like to show the audience the human part of this type of art & self-expression that tends to be less important.

With the imperfectness that makes this world of art perfect, they’d like to give you & you the possibility of reminiscing about its variety of pulchritude.